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Re: Guns N' Roses Reload With a Dependable (and nice?) Frontman

This title kind of bugs me. I get where they are coming at... But it still bugs me. Trust me I've been critical of Mr. Axl Rose before, and I'm not just some fan boy. 

But, to me Axl Rose has always been someone that is nice. He's like a Tom Sawyer, the good bad boy you like and maybe once were.

He hasn't really in my opinion come off as an asshole. [Let's not bring up the D/A allegations] The no-show at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, doesn't make the dude a prick in the least. RNRHOF is a joke.

He just is authentic.

Never have you heard Axl make any comments negatively about: any races, gays, lesbians, bi , animal rights folk, unions, corporate america, vegetarians, and we can go on and on.

BUT WAIT WHAT ABOUT "ONE IN A MILLION" MAN!!!!!! Yes controversial, but it is a FUCKING SONG. Not someone's views necessarily, and people's views change with time. It's like Tom Sawyer, just cause it says the N word doesn't make it racist or that Mark Twain espoused racist ideology.

To me Axl Rose has been an interesting rock star. Doesn't get a shit load of attention post 1993. Keeps relatively to himself. Is authentic to his belief system. Not afraid to move with the times.

And isn't a hack.

I've never thought wow Axl is preaching about the American worker / environment, and then makes a Pono music player made in China and tries to call himself an environmentalist and someone that cares about the common man. Special fuck you to Neil Young, you prick. Side note: I hear Bruce Springsteen's tour shirts are made in the USA. Thank God.

Some will argue the late start times and those couple of riots. Live and learn. The camera guy kind of deserved it in St. Louis. He was on his way to Vancouver (did they riot?, can't remember, Philly wasn't happy from what I remember. We are talking about 2002 here).

The late times to me have always been about getting into the zone, stage fright and what have you.

Perhaps, the start times will be on time. However, after CD was released Guns did tour solidly until whenever the date was [I hate Ashba remember, dark times]. No riots occurred at all to my knowledge.

I'm glad that Mister Rose is authentic, and just not some hypocrite, attention seeking rock star.

He definitely puts the artist in rock star.

I'd say he is private like one of those old school Hollywood types like: Orson Welles, or Greta Garbo.

You never feel like wow that asshole has over stayed their welcome. Please for the love of God, go away.

It is just too cliche and too easy to write him off as tyrannical asshole who listens to no one and broke up a band and carried it on by flipping the bird to the "true" Guns fans.

The dude is complicated, authentic, and a remarkable talent.

Mister F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong, and I'm glad Mister Axl Rose is getting his well deserved second act. They are hard to come by.

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