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Re: Welcome back

Will wrote:

Sorry about the downtime. We're still waiting on the domain being transferred from the old host and everything is out of our hands.

There will be a shitload of broken images on the bios/discogs because it's trying to load images from the gnrevo domain - until we get our domain back the images will remain broken. That's why we were reluctant to give out a temporary URL, obviously didn't think it would take this long hmm

Re: Welcome back

AtariLegend wrote:

I thought the site was gone for good this time and I'm sure I'm not only one. Glad it's back up, 7 years of this forum isn't enough.

Thanks for getting it back up.

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Re: Welcome back

BLS-Pride wrote:

Good to be back up. Domain name back up "soon." 16

A Private Eye
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Re: Welcome back

Thanks Will! Good to have the old girl back up and running smile

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Re: Welcome back

metallex78 wrote:

Well I'll be damned, evo has returned. I was thinking it was gone for good

Was having to think of other ways to waste time on the internet... hahaha

A Private Eye
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Re: Welcome back

Its just a shame we've missed so much GNR news whilst we were down 16

Re: Welcome back

Lomax wrote:

Yikes. Good this is back. I was suffering withdrawal symptoms for a while there!

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Re: Welcome back

polluxlm wrote:

Finally big_smile

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Re: Welcome back

Bro-mero wrote:


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Re: Welcome back

Bloodflower wrote:

I thought the site got shutdown but found a link at htgth. Cool to see this place is still going but looks like nobody posts much now or did the site just come back yesterday?

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