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Re: Bumblefoot Live Chat on Nightrain (Video)

Will wrote: … ts/2496673

You can watch the live stream Bumblefoot did on Nightrain above. Answered fan submitted questions and performed some songs (and clips of songs) in his studio, including Argentinian Tango, acoustic Better, Goin Down, Glad To Be Here, Civil War, If The World etc bumblefoot

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Re: Bumblefoot Live Chat on Nightrain (Video)

BLS-Pride wrote:

Thanks for the link Will. Will check it out after I get home from from work.  Always enjoy Ron when he does this sort of thing. Interested in hearing him jam out to the tunes as well.

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Re: Bumblefoot Live Chat on Nightrain (Video)

polluxlm wrote:

Imagine what he could do for the band on the promotional side if they'd just LET HIM! sad

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Re: Bumblefoot Live Chat on Nightrain (Video)

apex-twin wrote:

The most notable bit on new stuff was probably Ron expressing his personal astonishment as to why the Vegas DVD/BR is still to be released.

Also, here's a recent Del James interview for those who care. Thanks to NGOG and Kapitch_77 at MyGNR.

Del talks about leaks: 36m15s
talks about Slash and Duff: 54m35s

He's telling a story about him in Germany at around 1h10m40s.... I don't know if I heard right but did he say "nazi" when talking about the police? Pretty stupid to use that term....

About the release of CD: 1h13m10
About autobiographies: 2h19m20
About the new band: 3h05m37

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