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Re: European Tour Profile and Rumours

Axlin16 wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

Its not just Axl's tardiness thats a red flag, but the looooong history of his bad feelings towards Slash, the guy is an emotional powder keg at the best of times, throw Slash back into the mix and thats a potentially explosive situation.

I bet the Kimmel show was booked so Axl could dispel some of the fears promoters have, talk about the Slash situation and how it was water under the bridge, it was onwards and upwards from here on out.

Then he cancelled at the last minute, and that decision has got to have a few interested parties quietly shaking their heads.

Absolutely. All eyes will be on Vegas. then immediately gravitate towards Coachella to see how this shindig will play out in a festival setting.

Meh... I don't know if that's fully the truth.

Even with the risk involved, promoters have got to be licking their lips at a GN'R reunion headlining bill, even at a $4mil pricetag.

By all accounts, everybody's management is all unifying behind TB who's leading the charge. If Axl only wants them at the helm, this thing is gonna be baby steps. TB has never, ever, handled anything this big. This is new territory for them.

Axl's gotta be on the other end to basically saying, "if they don't want to pay the price, then fuck 'em". He would rather sit at the house.

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