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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

monkeychow wrote:

Hahaha actually i'm the same with PC.

I remember the first time i read about the synth in paradise city I was like "what fucking synth is paradise city...thank god they never did that" hahah...then I put it on and i'm like "oh...yeah I guess that melody is a synth"....hahah...I think maybe I was just so damn obsessed with the guitar part that i never really heard it as anything but backing....

although I'll grant the synth on CD is much more prominent and in some cases not all that necessary to my taste. For example Riad - I really love the song from the guitar riff - but they got in trouble for that sample at the start....but like I can entirely take or leave that could be anything - it's just some intro noise before the guitar kicks in and starts the actual song.

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

otto wrote:

Example of unnecessary synth: intro blimp sounds on twat. Demo is better just because it lacks it

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

Olorin wrote:

Well aye theres that synth at the start of TWAT, suddenly the demo was awsome with that shit Digi trip beat without "the live choir... "

The beat sucked, is was that that infamous thing we all took the piss out off, the choir was real tho.. real people, real vocals, real shit.

Same with Madagascar, that damn song was the centre piece of New GNR, it was beautiful.

But the early live versions where done by electronic organ, the actual album version was done by french horn live and it got buried amongst the strings and samples, so it turned out puny compared to early live versions....

I'm going to bed, I'm lost... dunno where or what we're at tonight....its half one, time for a munchy, then time for bed smile

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

Olorin wrote:

Sorry I cant make any sense of that. Bottom line the show was good, top notch gnr enterainment, you'll enjoy it.

Good night!

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

Rex wrote:

Can you blame Slash for trying to stay diplomatic about it? He got asked the GN'R question all the time, and him saying he didn't like CD would bring more dumbass questions like, "SO DO YOU HATE AXL ROSE," or "ARE YOU GLAD YOU LEFT GN'R SINCE YOU HATE THEIR NEW ALBUM?"

Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

AtariLegend wrote:

So we're completely ruling out the possibility that they liked it?

There Was A Time is my favorite track along with Estranged in the discography, don't get the hate at all.

Their's a little bit of synth in Paradise City, Think About You just off the top of my head. It wasn't a problem before and you guys didn't notice it, but apparently it's issue now that you realized it's there 18.

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

TheMole wrote:
polluxlm wrote:

Was reading wikipedia and saw this:

Duff McKagan praised the album, saying that "Axl sounds amazing" and "I think Axl's finally made the record he always wanted to".

Slash reacted positively to the title track, stating "That sounds cool. It's good to hear Axl's voice again, y'know?" When the album was released, Slash responded by saying "It's a really good record. It's very different from what the original Guns N' Roses sounded like, but it's a great statement by Axl... It's a record that the original Guns N' Roses could never possibly make. And at the same time it just shows you how brilliant Axl is." In a later interview, Slash stated the album was "exactly what I thought it would sound like," with many synthesizers and digital augmentations.

Izzy Stradlin, soon after the album was released, said "I have listened to some tracks off the record and I enjoyed them" and "I like what I've heard."

Steven Adler said he "didn't like the album, not one bit."

Gilby Clarke stated "I think it's a really good record – I honestly do. I think it's a great record... Knowing what I know what direction he wanted to take the band, I think he hit the nail on the head; I think he did a great job"

Matt Sorum called the album a 'toe-tapper'.

Early Guns N' Roses guitarist Tracii Guns said he thought the album was "over-indulgent, sterile and not that exciting."

Duff and Slash are laying it on a little thick there. I wonder if statements like that to the press are what sowed the first seeds for this reunion. We know being badmouthed in the press was one of the things Axl resented Slash the most for. Later someone said the only way Slash would be forgiven was if he admitted what he had done in Axl's eyes and apologized for everything.

Now probably Slash didn't do exactly that and won't, but talking up Axl in the press could have been a strategy that has mellowed the relationship between them.

Makes me thing of this fake video of Slash mocking nuGNR live performances big_smile:

I just don't think you'll ever see something like that from them for real smile

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

apex-twin wrote:

That video is actually wicked funny. Certainly underlines the fact that the 2011-12 period was a nadir.

Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

johndivney wrote:

Yea great vid. Behind every joke there's always some truth. The footage alone without Slash even works. Ah well, done with now thank christ.

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Re: What GN'R members thought about CD

James wrote:

Early Guns N' Roses guitarist Tracii Guns said he thought the album was "over-indulgent, sterile and not that exciting."

He's just pissed that he wanted in on the CD action when Bucket bailed and Axl just ignored him.

apex-twin wrote:

As for Tommy...

Most of the songs that are on the record now were done 10 fucking years ago. But all the talking heads in the mix were saying, “Make ’em sound better! Make ’em sound better!” So we kept redoing this and that.

And it ended up coming back down to the same fucking songs that they were 10 years ago, except that now they were a super-dense mishmash of a bunch of instrumentation.

One of my favorite interviews of the CD era. Tommy was the first person to make some sense of the whole saga. He gave up some missing pieces to the puzzle.

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