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Re: Slash and Duff working on CD II according to MSL

monkeychow wrote:

Maybe they were considering playing it - I think it would be hard to sing given his recent form but then probably easier than some of the other CD choices like TWAT, RIAD, If The World etc.

I suppose another possibility is the band was bored in soundcheck so do rare songs to entertain themselves. I mean you have monster players like bumble in the band and yet they play almost the exact same setlist every show - and even then most of the fun solos and stuff were divided. In some ways a dream job to be in GNR but as a muso it would also get boring pretty fast I guess. One way I'd entertain myself would be to play random shit at soundcheck rather than repeat the same 12 songs you play that night.

Then again it was also listed on the setlist options we saw too - so I guess it was in consideration.

Don't get me wrong I love GNR but these are the sorts of things that bother me over years, so many missed opportunities.Most of the CD songs sounded great live in 2009 - I wish they'd put out something from that era.

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Re: Slash and Duff working on CD II according to MSL

monkeychow wrote:

Not trying to be obnoxious but just because the band knows how to play the songs doesn't mean they know the lyrics.

From the Chinese Whispers thread, we know that Tommy, at least, knows the words:

There were many sound problems early on in the show, with Axl often leaving the stage while the band continued to play. Tommy sang almost all of ‘Oh My God.’ Robin also threw his guitar down during ‘Oh My God,’ obviously enraged by the problems. … 44#p282744

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