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Re: New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

monkeychow wrote:

I literally did not realise until now that she used to drum for Def Leppard 16

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Re: New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

bigbri wrote:
James Lofton wrote:
apex-twin wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

Of course I am happy. But, let's call a spade a spade. This is a cash grab tour....

They're being paid an obscene amount of money in today's standards. They'll take it. If you put it that way, I agree.

However, interest in a new Guns album just hit the biggest peak since '99. Axl's got an album in the can. Give Slash a week and he'll record quality solos to each and every track. One or two original tracks by this lineup and their King Animal is there.

Duff and Slash would love to do it. Axl's got very little to lose there.

It's incredible that we live in a world where the remnants of CD II could actually wind up being GNR's comeback album....which is what the actual CD was supposed to be.

I really hope it materializes within the next couple years. King Animal a great example but in this scenario would actually be closer to VH's A Different Kind of Truth....reworked demos from yesteryear packaged as a fresh new album with Jack and Jill Public none the wiser. Axl and the GNR camp were smart to not mention that "second half of Chinese" to the mainstream. Only a few thousand forum nerds know of its existence and wont care either way as long as it gets released. If Atlas Shrugged were to get a summer release you could count on your fingers how many people would bring up which sessions it originated from.

Hell...they could just unleash CD again. I thought that remix album was a horrible idea 7 years ago. It made no sense at the time. Under the current circumstances it might be the greatest idea since sliced bread. A beer coaster turned into a gold plate.

she's like from another galaxy, compared to the other guys. a bunch of 50-ish rock stars compared to 20-ish girl that looks like from some manga comics or just like an alien. definitely could be one of the guys' daughter, the difference is so massive. but still somehow she fits in that picture, which is part surprising, part nice to see. I ain't even mad

I agree....what should be awkward somehow works.

She also would have fit in well with the image of that quirky 2001 lineup.

Bri....has Bucket's nickname for her ever been mentioned anywhere? Something cheesy like Princess Slunk or more original like Pitman's Mother Goose.

TheMole- I know you're joking but the slick leather goes much better than that more grittier look of duff's. Just that one simple change would alter her image.

Honestly not sure I remember what Bucket called her, it's been so long ...

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Re: New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

monkeychow wrote:
TheMole wrote:

Hopefully Duff's top next gig?

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Re: New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

James wrote:


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Re: New Guns N Roses member Melissa Reese

zombux wrote:

definitely could be one of the guys' daughter

I was thinking more kid sister:

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