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Re: Terrorist Attack at Ariana Grande concert

James wrote:

TheMole, weren't you the Euro member here that was literally a cunt hair away from getting blown up in an airport last year?

My gut reaction is agreement to a degree. Round 'em up and get the fuck out.

But it's not that simple and frankly it's totally unrealistic. As I said, many are second generation citizens. They were born in the country they attack.

The only thing that makes it unrealistic is its scope. If you get a half million American troops and a million Russian troops ready and able, what was unrealistic quickly becomes feasible.

I know we're entering slippery slope territory but the Nazis proved that it works. Yes they were murdering innocent people for no legitimate reason but it DOES work....and that was with casting a net using 1930s-40s technology.

Second generations can be removed just as easily. All it takes is the stroke of a pen. Not saying its right, just saying that its possible.

Historically, going door to door and rounding people up has never really panned out well.

Oh really? It actually works too well. Its opening up a Pandora's box of evil but desparate times call for desperate measures. We've not reached this point but we are getting close.

Wait until these nuts mow down hundreds or thousands of shoppers at malls on Christmas eve.

What does shock me though are the European countries who provide extensive welfare to immigrants. I would imagine a lot of Muslims who are hostile towards western society, don't see this as an olive branch, but rather as a weakness.

The welfare and the loans have to come to a stop. We're giving them incentives to come here.

But I watched a 60 minute report about "no-go" zones in almost every country over there. I found that shocking to be honest. It seems completely out of control. Muslim enclaves where Sharia law is practiced, crime is rampant, and locals dare not go.

I wish I could remember the program I saw this on. It was months after 9/11. It talked about an area of Georgia that was truly a no man's land. Neither the US or Russia had any desire to set foot in there. Our special forces probably went in at some point but it blew my mind.

Yeah, let's go for more strict immigration laws, highlight the differences between us and those backwards muslims a bit more... you know, forsake any effort to bridge the ever-increasing divide 'cause reasons... ?

You and I have crossed this bridge before. Your idea of pretending we're friends with them still isn't working. The only country in the 21st century who has properly dealt with terrorism is Russia but its not on such a scale that its permanent.

What did Russia do? Annihilation. Send death squads into Chechnya and other areas. It works. Terrorists were promising attacks on Sochi and Putin guaranteed the world that no attacks would happen there. That was a bold statement. He was right of course and he guaranteed it by eliminating the local threat. They even killed women. It got the job done though. The world's athletes were able to have the time of their lives and audiences got to enjoy the spectacle without worrying about being blown to bits.

Maybe Putin should've just asked them to come to the bargaining table or taken the approach Kerry wanted....treat terrorism as a legal issue.  Its worked so well....

What a load of bullshit. Some of you really need to read up on who those radicalized muslims in Europe actually are. They're not first generation immigrants, they are not refugees, they are not uber-religious fanatics. Hell, most of them wouldn't be able to recite a Koran verse if their life depended on it.

I don't give a fuck if they're distant cousins. This strategy of trying to understand them leads to collapsed skyscrapers and children being mowed down in schools or concerts.

This whole crisis (the domestic muslim terrorism one, not the refugee crisis) at it's heart has nothing to do with religion, it's a bunch of disenfranchised youth looking for an identity and the fringe muslim fanatics happen to have an attractive, testosteron infused, identity to sell to them. Provide them with a more attractive alternative, and they will choose that instead, plain and simple.

They DO have attractive alternatives! They get free checks and college. What more do you hand each of them a winning lottery ticket?

They choose school alright....they want to figure out which one to blow up. Spend the free checks on the guns and bombs. What a world!

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