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Re: what makes gn'r such a great acoustic band?

dalethirsty wrote:

the short answer is slash, but what makes guns such a great acoustic band?

gnr lies, late show '88, cbgb's, the acoustic sets in '93... some of gn'r's best shit as a band is when they were playing acoustic guitars

move to the city, november rain and new work tune were the top highlights from the otherwise unimpressive afd boxset.

imo, gnr's acoustic songs capture the natural vibe of the band -- bunch of drunk fucks goofing around having a great time. that's one of the things i feel is missing from chinese democracy, contributing to the record's main problem of just being a debbie fuckin' downer. bucket's spanish guitar on if the world is nice, but it wasn't enough.

not sure if i'm in the minority with this, but you ain't the first is one of the band's best songs. it's also one of the few gn'r songs regularly in my rotation today.

i'd love to see the nitl lineup do an acoustic-only set in the future. i wish that damn saskatoon show was still available somewhere. the acoustic set on the couch was unreal and i only saw that once before the cia took it down.

how the fuck did guns never do an mtv unplugged show? for a band that regularly misses opportunities, that was one of the biggest. theirs could have been better than stp's or alice in chains.




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Re: what makes gn'r such a great acoustic band?

PaSnow wrote:

Yeah they were great acoustic. Not so sure about You Aint The First tho, it's a good Stones style album filling song. It sure captures a 'drunk twwentysomethings fucking around', but I wouldn't call it one of their better songs. I'll admit, underrated tho, and maybe that's where you were going with it.

As for Unplugged, TBH they got too big for it by the time Unplugged was a major thing. I think it first started as a small show around '90 and by then Guns possibly could have done it (I recall The Black Crowes being one of the first), but it wasn't a must-do like being on SNL was. Even an appearance on Headbangers Ball might've been seen as better promotion. When grunge bands starting hitting it big, Pearl Jam & Nirvana kinda put the show on the map, and by then Guns was just sortof too big for it, and touring worldwide.

Sure they should have done it, in hindsight. Maybe 'minimalizing' the band and set could've made them get back to themselves & their roots. Ashame they didn't do it, but I can see why it just never happened.

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Re: what makes gn'r such a great acoustic band?

esoterica wrote:

The songs were jammed out and built on acoustic.

When you start with the foundation of a strong melody, you're putting yourself in a position for success.

Then of course, they played them live 50 times before they ever started recording.

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Re: what makes gn'r such a great acoustic band?

dalethirsty wrote:

west arkeen was a big part as well.

it's a shame the songs he co-wrote aren't available on spotify -- some of the band's best.

i'd stab somebody for an acoustic demo of the garden. same for the original rendition of it's so easy.

In an Eddie Trunk interview from 2006, Axl said that Duff and West originally wrote the song as an acoustic "Hippie Ya-Ya" song, and that it was Slash's decision to turn it into a rock song.[3] McKagan stated that West taught him about alternate tuning, leading the song to have a more distinctive sound, saying "without open-E tuning, that song wouldn't have happened", that's why West has songwriting credit on it."[4]

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