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Re: Amazing Grace

imsorry wrote:


A Private Eye
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Re: Amazing Grace

What, is this a leak?

Re: Amazing Grace

imsorry wrote:

share the love... original rip u got

Re: Amazing Grace

imsorry wrote:

there is a link in the lyrics

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Re: Amazing Grace

misterID wrote:
Randall Flagg wrote:

It's legit.  Is this the "NiN" song people were talking about?

Beatles meets NIN


Fucking bad ass. Wasn't sure at first, but damn...

Re: Amazing Grace

AtariLegend wrote:

Really should released all this in 2000 and called the albums uyi3 and uyi4.

love it.

The idea that there's still tracks from that period being leaked that I hadn't even of heard the title of, till recently.

This is a cool track. Prefer it over Atlas Shrugged greatly tbh.

This is definitely the most 90s industrial rock sounding of the tracks. Sounds partially like one of the singles from one of my favorite albums The Fragile only with Axl on vocals.

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Re: Amazing Grace

James wrote:

Hey Atari ..long time no see

This song has major potential. Holy shit.

Just like with Soundgarden, when a rough demo has this much potential, you're looking at a monster track.

The more we hear of these rough demos, the more I understand comments from people like Srinson's raving on the material in the early years. They went overboard on the hype but there was something special there.

Id give my left nut to see the alternate universe where this album comes together properly and gets a 2000 release.


Anyone remember that quote about CD sounding like something and Beck mixed by Trent Reznor?

This is the song.

Re: Amazing Grace

AtariLegend wrote:
James wrote:

Id give my left but to see the alternate universe where this album comes together properly and gets a 2000 release.

I really dig these demos, but I just question the idea that Erzin or whoever seriously told Axl it wasn't ready or good enough.

I love Buckethead too, but most of this was good enough before he laid down his parts. It's also dated too (which isn't always a bad thing). Atlas is a mid 95 album track, this is a 99 track from NIN (with Axl). It'd been out off date by 2002, nevermind 08 or for re-recording in 2019.

I remember a time James when you said we only heard those demos in 2006, because there were no vocals. Looks there was a silly amount of tracks, did we even know about State of Grace till a month ago?

This shows I think that label was just as much, if not more to blame than the red head himself.


Really curious what Sorry sounds like from that era.

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Re: Amazing Grace

Bluefish18 wrote:

I'm starting to dig this......very odd, but very cool.

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Re: Amazing Grace

Tortilla_Man wrote:

Awesome, Love it , Thank You!

Ummm, ... What Song Leaks Next?

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