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Re: Best song so far?

James wrote:
misterID wrote:

What's hilarious will be the reviews of the reunion album with these CD era songs. " See, these are the songs Axl should've been making instead of toiling away on his solo project!"

If/when an album comes that includes reworked CD tracks, we'll definitely see reviews like that. An outlet like Classic Rock will know the score but majority will think it's all new material.

If a reporter checked this site for shits and giggles right now and heard Quick Song/Zodiac, they would think it's current GNR.

Best song so far?

Atlas Shrugged 14%
Perhaps 33%
State of Grace 23%
Hardschool 28%
Silkworms 2%
Total votes: 57
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Re: Best song so far?

-Jack- wrote:

I voted Atlas. Feels the most complete.

State of Grace and Perhaps are catchy though.

Edit: Can someone link me to the new discord server? (If there is one.) Cheers and thank you!

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Re: Best song so far?

Yeah, if there's a new Discord could someone ping me a link to it?

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Re: Best song so far?

Bucketheader wrote:

Best song so far now:

Track 1 by Tommy. It’s like Set Me Free by VR but better.

Izzy squire
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Re: Best song so far?

Izzy squire wrote:

For me, state of grace

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