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Re: Quick Song Bucket takes

harmon420 wrote:

Okay, so maybe I'm a complete loser (I've listened to the cellphone general at least 75 times), but what is everyone's favorite bucket solo for "Quick Song"? I personally like track 3 and track 9. It's like he got it right the first attempt but kept insisting on "one more take". I love the 99' Beaven jams, but Bucket's contributions to Gn'R could have given this iteration an Audioslave like run. It's frustrating to look back with hindsight and wonder what could have been. Prom Violence, Zodiac, and the fact that Sorry remained virtually unchanged further reinforce my theory that Axl and Bucket were destined for great things.

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Re: Quick Song Bucket takes

exoterica wrote:

It sounds like they used Take 10 on that disc.

I haven’t listened to the new one closely enough.

My favorite is 14. It has a raw feel to it and the latter half of the solo Bucket is just going for it.

I’ll have to listen to 3 and 9 again.

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Re: Quick Song Bucket takes

bigbri wrote:

I imagine it wasn’t Bucket requesting more takes.

They all run together to me. I’d have to listen again. None are anywhere close to being one of his best solos.

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Re: Quick Song Bucket takes

wasted wrote:

Bucket is playing Elvis/Soul Monster? If so Axl has laid vocals on it.

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