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Re: The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 1, Elimination Series Round 7

James wrote:
wasted wrote:

That’s why I thought some of the Bucket stuff could be fake but his solo stuff is Ike that isn’t it, backwards guitars and noises into speed metal and pop references ?

Many years ago....this was why it was easy for fake leakers to leak clips of instrumentals. His discography runs the gamut unlike any other musician. Sampling horror movies, horror inspired song titles, etc. is part of his shtick.

Most people would ignore those leaks because without vocals it meant nothing but for awhile it was a tad effective. When it was something like you're describing, I could go over to buckethead.TK (buckets old forum) and give the clip to Saul and the other bots and no matter how obscure, someone would identify the track.

I am mainly into his mellow material such as....

Electric Tears
Electric Sea
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Condensed Chicken Noodles
Rainy Days
Acoustic Shards
Raindrops on Christmas
Population Override

His heavier material is a mixed bag of incredible jams and unlistenable white noise to my ears.

My few recommendations in this department....

Giant Robot NTT
Monsters and Robots
Some assorted tracks across many albums

His discography is simply too massive now for even the most hardcore of hardcores to dive into. I've wondered if most(all) of these ideas on clearly unfinished songs at the Village sessions were eventually used.

I know one thing....

When diving into his discography many moons ago(when he was in the band), I had a feeling it would lead to lost opportunities and squandered potential.

That's exactly what happened and when hearing the Village sessions it simply reinforced this sad fact.

One crucial mistake happened right out the gate....

He was relegated to the role of stunt player and to Kickstart the heart of already finished tracks. No offense to Finck meant but he should've been demoted pronto.

With Bucket in the main slot, you've just opened your band up to unlimited potential and the possibilities of genre bending/twisting in every direction....and the project merely got glimpses of this.

Axl's lucky he didn't walk the moment he became second fiddle to an inferior player.

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Re: The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 1, Elimination Series Round 7

Kinglaoi wrote:

You have literally spoken my thoughts!
I loved bucket before he joined and genuinely couldn't believe he had joined gnr
My excitement for what him and the existing band could produce was unfathomable and the village sessions, as you said, confirm this to me.
That specific iteration of gnr, could have been an astonishing band

Re: The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 1, Elimination Series Round 7

Sky Dog wrote:

Coulda shoulda woulda....our reality is unfortunately what we are left with here as the band and record company refuse to officially release music. I will believe there is new music when it is officially announced. I don’t give two shits about what they are allegedly doing in that regard or what the “plans” are. Do it for fucks sake! I need coffee! 10

Re: The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 1, Elimination Series Round 7

AtariLegend wrote:

Voting finished.

You monsters have eliminated Madagascar.

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