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Cerulean wind
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Re: Axl Rose 44th Birthday - CD

"The braided rocker was with bandmates and a bevy of beauties wanting to keep his 44th birthday bash going. Rose was so eager to get inside the club that he offered the owners a little bribe - an exclusive listening party for his yet-to-be released album, 'Chinese Democracy.'" (NY Post, 02/12/06)

"As a sign of his gratitude, Mullineaux said Rose sent someone to his hotel room to retrieve two CDs, each one containing 10 tracks. [...] Mullineaux, who said he manned the DJ booth and spun the discs for Rose, said several of the tracks reminded him of classic GN'R, with moments of uncharacteristic heaviness. Axl 'kept telling me to put back track #3 '” I guess that was his favorite song,' he said." (MTV, 02/23/06)

DISC ONE: (Leaked almost in full)

1 - "Chinese Democracy"
2 - "Madagascar"
3 - "Better"
4 - "I. R. S."
5 - "Riad N' The Bedouins"
6 - "If The World"
7 - "The Blues"
8 - "There Was A Time"
9 - "Prostitute"

10 - "Silkworms"

1 - 9 leaked in 2008.
10 can be found w/o BBF overdubs.


1 - "The General"
2 - "Oh My God"
3 - "Shackler's Revenge"
4 - "Going Down"
5 - "Lies They Tell"
6 - "Atlas Shrugged"
7 - "Catcher In The Rye"
8 - "Soul Monster"
9 - "Sorry"
10 - "This I Love"

2 & 4 can be found w/o BBF overdubs.

'He wanted to play that one over and over, like six times. He was really getting into it and rockin' out. Everybody was surprised at how good it sounded. And that third track, that was the song where his voice sounded the best; the smoothest.'

[...] 'He said this album will show everyone who was the main ingredient from GN'R. He was freely answering questions about his work, the band, what happened with the split, the direction he's headed in” and the music sounded great.'" (MTV, 02/23/06)

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