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Re: Missing Chinese Democracy leaks

skdhfjkhdjls wrote:

Hey guys, I'm missing some chinese democracy leaked songs and it would be great if someone will provide me with them.

Here is the list:

* There Was A Time (2001-2003 demo, instrumental short version, 2006-03-15 leak) (5:58)?
* Mi Amor (2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt, DJ Ashba solo from 2009) (4:31)?
* Silkworms + The General (2018-06-26 leak, cellphone clip from aftershow party at Vienna 2010-09-18, Mindray11 recording) (3:04)?
* Boston 2002 promo (with studio cuts of Chinese Democracy, Madagascar and The Blues) (1:06)?
* I.R.S. (2003-08-30 Piazza-Trunk recording, 2005-04-10 darknemus leak) (3:39)?
* Going Down (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo, 2013-08-16 leak) (4:28)?
* Ballad Of Death (2018-06-26 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt, DJ Ashba solo from 2009) (3:31)?
* Blood in the Water (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2012-05-07 leak) (4:02)?
* Better Gone (2009-2010 Brain Remix, 2012-01-xx leak) (4:19)?

They missing from thepiratebay torrent with chinese democracy leaks.

Also, where there leaks after rough mixes #2 cd leaked? Where can I track recent leaks?


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Re: Missing Chinese Democracy leaks

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