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Re: Who should've been bigger?

James wrote:

Holy shit I forgot We Are The World. I gotta watch it. Haven't seen it in a coon's age and that had like every star in it. A great time capsule.

I guess I'm the opposite of buzzsaw.... really liked her at the time but don't listen anymore.

She Bop was awesome.

While it's been many years since reading about it, I'm pretty sure her boyfriend/manager at the time talked her into the wrestling thing at the time (he was a fan) and she regretted it later on.

I'm with Bri on was very contrived. She's lucky she got away with it.  It's also a miracle she was never overexposed...she got close.

It came out years later that she would go to the big clubs in NY looking for the next hot fashion and would roll with it. Certainly explains why she always seemed one step ahead of the mainstream.

Here's another 80s singer that should've been bigger.....


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Re: Who should've been bigger?

bigbri wrote:

Full disclosure: I met Cyndi Lauper and she was a very authentic person. She actually kept up a correspondence with my girlfriend at the time, and this was in the early days of email, etc., around 1997.

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Re: Who should've been bigger?

PaSnow wrote:

I could see how that could sway your thoughts, she becomes more reachable whereas Madonna was in a different stratosphere. But that's like saying Possum Kingdom or SR-71 responded to you via email or Myspace whereas Pearl Jam or Green Day didn't have time for you. Kinda like that.

imho at least.

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Re: Who should've been bigger?

Wagszilla wrote:

A Flock of Seagulls

Should've owned the early-to-late 80s pop market instead of wrongly being summarized as a one-hit wonder.

The infighting between brothers Mike Score (frontman) and Ali Score (drummer) is a debacle of Axl vs. Slash proportions. After a phenomenal debut record with 3 top-tier tracks, they followed it up with an experimental, anti-pop snyth record. It's like Neil Young's Trans without the pop smarts. Their career never really recovered.

If they dropped their drummer, didn't rush their 2nd album to market, and got a better producer, they could've been big.

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Re: Who should've been bigger?

PaSnow wrote:

Going back a bit to earlier in the thread & females, any thoughts on Kim Carnes (Bettie Davis Eyes)?

Just a 1 hit wonder or more there?  Heckuva hit, great song.

Wish Nena, 99Luftballoons had more in the US.

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