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Re: Slash signs with Gibson’s new Record Label

James wrote:

Are you really gonna put the reason we don’t have a new GN’R album, on Slash…?


I'm pointing out how the current situation is nearly identical to 1994....but the reaction to what happens is a complete 180.

It speaks volumes.

Slash left because Axl takes 10 years to put out new music

It wasn't 10 was a year since an album and a couple months since  the Vampire soundtrack.

I'm sure Slash could whip up a new Guns album in a month

I have no interest in one of his standard, quickly whipped up albums. It would be no better or worse than the majority of his solo discography.

I'm just pointing out the contrast.

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Re: Slash signs with Gibson’s new Record Label

metallex78 wrote:

The River is Rising single comes out on Friday.

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