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Re: UYI Box tracklist unveiled?

polluxlm wrote:
Link31 wrote:

I disagree. I can tell a difference. The mix is louder, the split between the right and left speaker very noticeable. Slash on the right, Izzy on left. Although some cases it's all Slash. Little sounds or vocals are mixed to one side better. It's more about clarity, nuance and separation of guitars. Perhaps if I had a $2000 stereo I would notice more but in my car I notice a lot of improvement over the original.

I wasn't going to get this box set but now I feel I have to. Good thing I don't have 600 to burn right now so I can wait for a reduction in prize.

Smoking Guns
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Re: UYI Box tracklist unveiled?

Smoking Guns wrote:

Got the box set for Christmas. It is an awesome package. The photos are amazing.

The Blu-ray is now one of my prized possessions. Simply awesome.

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