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Re: Atlas Shrugged (2023 ) - Rumour

James wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

I'm gonna say, this one is almost certainly a no at this point.

Even if there had been anything substantial mentioned in the past 2 months, it wouldn't be anyway.

The General pull ends this 1.

Oh yeah... anything past The General is a no go.

Not only does it rule out Atlas, pipedreams for an album this year are dead in the water.

If any type of EP/album was in the pipeline, this collosal fuck up would not have occurred. It would've already been past the point of no return.

It's crazy how each song release is a bigger fuck up than the one before it. Now we've regressed to the 2000s where they're not even capable of doing it. Like some of you, I now expect a different B side (live) IF the vinyl ever comes how PC replaced Better for the Harley ad.


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Re: Atlas Shrugged (2023 ) - Rumour

dave-gnfnr wrote:

Someone just needs to leak out what is left out there and we can all call it a day on this band
Bc you know when the CD anniversary album comes out, all they will put on there is the lockerroom songs and nothing we dont already have just a a FU to the fans.

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