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Re: Better Video

James wrote:

I think the 2002 line up was just not the group to do AFD and UYI hits, but they needed to do them because they were GNR.

The only reason they needed to do them is because Axl was incapable of moving on from 87-93 even though he claimed otherwise.

All that was required in a 2000s set list other than new material is the following....


Throw in KOHD and LALD as the live staples.

SIX songs...maybe 7 as you'd probably include YCBM.

That's all a casual crowd needs from 87-93 in a world where GNR is supposedly moving forward.

We got the exact opposite instead...a small handful of new songs while he was almost doing AFD in its entirety (10 songs).

Those 2001-2 set lists are even worse in hindsight.... telling us fans to get over the past while the set list is 95% old and he talks about the old band onstage.

Buckethead hated it. It's a miracle he didn't walk away in 2001.

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