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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

Tommie wrote:

I was just reading an interview with a guy that used to be part of the howard stern show.  Halfway through the article this appears:

Jellio: Right. I'm going off topic, but do you ever still talk to Buckethead?

KC: Buckethead. You know, Buckethead, last I heard, he was living out in the country, got married, and has kids. Can you believe that shit?

Jellio: Not from the way you talked about him on the show.

KC: No. This is a guy who, when people were sleeping, used to jam wiffle ball bats in their ass. Try to wake them up that way. Would walk around campus naked. And then, when people take dumps in the public restroom, he would take chicken wing bones and throw them at them. And now he's got kids.

Jellio: He's got children. That's good.

KC: Well I hope those kids are throwing chicken wing bones at people.

Jellio: They probably are. Maybe the same ones.

KC: Yeah right. … ng_in.html

Theres also a picture of two guys, one of whom is KC (the guy from the Stern show)

Axl S
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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

Axl S wrote:

Buckethead has kids 10

Is he normal at home you think?

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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

Neemo wrote:

maybe that played a roll as to why he left...doesnt wanna get too far from the kids and wife hmm

anyway a super late congrats to BH and Mrs BH if this is true 22

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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

bigbri wrote:

That whole interview obviously is a joke. Bucket is super-shy, as has been widely reported by people who actually know him, but he walks around naked. Not.

And there's no indication he is either married or has kids.

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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

Tommie wrote:

After a little bit of digging I'm not sure it is the same Buckethead we are thinking of.  Heres some excerpts I found on another webpage. 

The "Buckethead" Chronicles

The always entertaining tales of K.C. and his college buddy "Buckethead" . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Monday, 1 March 2004

    * K.C. reveals that he and Buckethead used to play "Drinking Jeopardy" all the time at college.

Friday, 6 June 2003

    * In college, K.C. and Buckethead used to attend parties holding hands. If challenged, they would beat their critics up. "More contact with men," comments Howard.

Friday, 26 July 2002

    * K.C. reveals that once while in college he was sleeping on a couch and Buckethead tried to anally violate him with a wiffleball bat.

Tuesday, 7 November 2000

    * Two exciting "Buckethead" revelations:
          o Buckethead is a gym teacher.
          o After Buckethead began dating his latest girlfriend, K.C. and two friends cooked up their own "blessing" for the happy, new couple. On their first visit to the lovely lady's home they all went to her bathroom in succession and had very large and very ripe bowel movements, thus stinking up the entire apartment. Buckethead was not amused by the wacky, fecal antics of the madcap trio.

Thursday, 28 September 2000

    * Robin reads a news report that a University of Western Ontario study found that people with larger heads were generally more intelligent. "That's a load of crap!" K.C. argued. "Buckethead had a head so huge they had to get a custom-made football helmet for him and he was a retard!"

Tuesday, 15 February 2000

    * K.C. reveals that during football games he would have to touch Buckethead's rear quarters while in defensive formation. After that "my hands would smell of sweat and ass!" he explained. "That's perfect for you," cracked Jackie "Give Rodney Another Chance!" Martling.

Monday, 8 November 1999

    * After a five month dry spell, K.C. scores a touchdown with this tale of Buckethead highjinks: "I used to clip ads out of gay magazines--stuff like 'My thing can fill your . . . whatever'. Then I'd put them in Buckethead's books! HAW HAW HAW!!!"

Wednesday, 2 June 1999

    * K.C. and Buckethead used to go to restaurants and take turns going to the washroom and lobbing chicken bones on top of someone sitting in the stall.

Monday, 17 May 1999

    * The first "Buckethead" revelation: K.C. reminisces about Buckethead sleeping nude in his bed.

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Re: Buckethead...married with children? (2005 article)

Tommie wrote:

I'm going to send him an email and find out one way or the other.

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