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Re: 1993: Chinese Whispers

sic. wrote:

07/17/93: GNR played the last show on the Use Your Illusion world tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The following day, all band members are confirmed to have returned to Los Angeles.


August 93: Axl sued Stephanie Seymour, "claiming she had 'kicked and grabbed' him during the party at the Malibu home they shared and that she refused to return more than $100,000 worth of jewelry he'd given her as gifts." (People Magazine, 07/18/94)

08/23/93: Axl testified against Steven Adler in the Los Angeles Superior Court. During the testimony Axl reveals that Steven couldn't play due to his drug abuse and that his drumtrack on "Civil War" had to be edited from over 60 takes. (HTGTH)

Axl testifying against Steven, pt. 1

Axl testifying against Steven, pt. 2


09/14/93: Duff's solo band went on a European tour with The Scorpions.

09/24/93: GN'R made a $2.5 million dollar out-of-court settlement payment to Steven Adler in respect of his October 1991 lawsuit. (HTGTH)

"At first, the drummer's lawyers asked for an out-of-court settlement of $350,000." (Icon Magazine, 10/97)

09/28/93: Duff's solo album, Believe in Me, was released by Geffen Records. He's been recording it on and off since the UYI sessions in 1990.


October 93: Stephanie Seymour countersued Axl. "Seymour claimed it was Rose who attacked her, giving her a black eye and bloody nose. Angry because she had held the party after he had wanted to cancel it, he had slapped and punched her and kicked her down a flight of stairs, said Seymour, 25. When other defensive measures failed, she admitted, she 'may have even...grabbed his testicles.'" (People Magazine, 07/18/94)

10/21/93:: Axl reached an out-of-court settlement with a St. Louis fan who claimed he was hurt in a scuffle with Axl during the St. Louis 1991 concert. William (Stump) Stephenson received an undisclosed amount of money and Axl's autograph in his scrapbook. Stephenson said he was injured when Axl jumped off the stage and attacked him for taking pictures of the band. The show ended in a riot with about 65 people injured. (HTGTH)


11/23/93: "The Spaghetti Incident?", a collection of punk covers, was released by Geffen Records.

11/23/93:  Duff played his last solo show in the UK, following a lengthy tour with The Scorpions. He subsequently plays on Gilby's solo record.

"Heavy Mental: When I spoke to Duff McKagan last winter he said that you asked him to put bass on one song when you were in New York but that it ended up with him doing everything. You were said to been too lazy.

Gilby: [laughs] Well, you know Duff... We were in New York and were doing a song by Clash. It was obvious that he was going to play bass, but I was really impressed by Duff's drumming style on his solo album so I had him play drums also. Duff and I played in the studio and when the drums were recorded I said "fuck it, why don't you do the guitars too... by the way, you can sing too!" But only the bass and drums came on the album because Frank Black who was in Pixies came down and did the guitar." (Heavy Mental, 06/94)

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