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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

strat0 wrote:
faldor wrote:
sic. wrote:

Apparently so.

Axl further talked about 'Oh My God' and how that was just in a demo tape which the management insisted be put on the Arnie soundtrack which Axl said ok to hesitantly.

This is from a review on the 12/29/01 show in Vegas. No bootleg has surfaced so far, which is unfortunate. Therefore Ax can't be quoted in verbatim.

Those meddling kids also put an experimental edit of a Better demo to a Harley commercial. Nothing new under the sun.

I'm an Axl apologist an defender, so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt.  I believe him and don't think it's so hard to believe that management forced his hand to release "Oh My God" on "End Of Days".  That was back in 1999, pretty much when Axl and company started working on new material, so obviously that song was quite fresh off the presses at that point.  Heck, we're here nine years later and the album is only now finally finished.  Axl has an entire different timeframe than any of us.  In his words he was forced to tour in 2002, and 2006.  It would only stand to reason that OMG was forced out in 99.  And I think I heard people mention how he talked the song up before it came out or after its release only to turn that around after the public didn't exactly accept it with open arms.  Well, if it was forced out, I'm sure he was under orders to talk the song up and not say, "yeah it's a rough demo, it's really not that good.  They're forcing me to put it out". 

Again, I know my opinion is hugely biased, but so are some of the people who believe NOTHING that Axl says.  So there.

And I wonder if "Oh My God" would've been a bigger hit if it was on a soundtrack to a GOOD movie instead of that crappy film?  I think the movie bombed much worse than the song did.

Oh, and in relation to "Shackler's Revenge" and present day.  It's not 1999 anymore.  It's 2008, and it's been confirmed by people in the bands camp that the album is FINISHED.  That would mean to me that there wouldn't be any logical reason to put out a demo on a video game. 

I'll play the devil's advocate though before anyone else does.  Fast forward to 2012 when Axl says he was forced to finish the album in 2008 and put out a rough demo of a song on Rock Band. 

If that happens, I'll have to stop believing in Axl.  But as for now, I BELIEVE!!

Itmakes perfect sense that they would take a demo and polish it, even though i don't agree with what the record label did. I mean he was already close to his deadline or past it then wasn't he? I mean look at Jimi's Electric Ladyland. it took a while to make that and he had to tour in between recording so he wouldn't face heat from anyone.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

faldor wrote:
gnfnraxl wrote:
russtcb wrote:

I know that Oh My God has grown ALOT on me through the years and SR is alot like it to me.

Oh My God is a very good song.  Shows Axl evolving while still keeping a little bit of the old sound.  I've always liked it.  But your post proves that SR will be given the same treatment by Axl.  SR is not a bad song.  But it very far from the sound of GNR and not everybody will like that.  It's ok to evolve but getting too far away from your sound can hurt.  Personnally I like SR but I've played it to a friend who loved GNR and he hated the song because he says it doesn't sound like GNR.

Faldor it's not that I don't believe anything that Axl says.  Just that when it comes to CD or songs he recorded since 1998 like Oh my God I don't believe him anymore.  The guy has cried wolf way too many times for me to believe him.  It's your prerogative to believe him for the Oh my God being a demo.  But no movie company would put a demo on their soundtrack.  Plus OMG doesn't sound like a demo.  So I ain't buying the horse manure that Axl tried to sell.  But that is my prerogative as well.  *lol*

Here's what I was trying to say.  It may not have been a demo in the eyes of the record company, or whoever forced him to release (if his side of the story is true).  Like strat0 said, if there was a deadline to hand the song in for the soundtrack Axl could've done all he could with it and handed it in.  We're talking about a guy who worked on "November Rain" for 10+ years.  How long do you think he worked on "Oh My God" for?  Apparently not long enough for his liking.  So after he was forced to hand in the song while it may have been viewed as finished by the record company, he may have felt differently.

Again, just a pro-Axl theory.  I'm full of them, give me another shot.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

sic. wrote:
faldor wrote:

That was back in 1999, pretty much when Axl and company started working on new material, so obviously that song was quite fresh off the presses at that point.

The song was practically put together during August '99, after Axl's studio team got back from working on Live Era.

They'd gone into a fair length on the album with Sean Beavan by then and had several tracks with Axl's vocals - which, he'd say, would be the last stage of songwriting.

faldor wrote:

In his words he was forced to tour in 2002,

This is our tour. This is a collection of performances I've agreed to. That I have personally authorized - not someone else's good intentions gone awry, or a reckless promoter's personal agenda. (Axl, GNROnline, 08/15/02)

faldor wrote:

and 2006.

When I agreed to do our recent North American tour, I did it with the understanding that my manager, Merck Mercuriadis, and I were in full agreement regarding our strategy and touring plans and, most important, that any and all things needed to release the album by Dec. 26 at the latest were in place. (Axl, 12/15/06)

In 2001, when the deal was put together with ClearChannel by Merck and Doug Goldstein, Axl received a $1 Million advance. The tour was postponed, yet CC obviously wanted it to happen - or for Axl to return the advance. Sanctuary wanted ClearChannel to back the CD release tour - that's how they sold it to the promoter. The album wasn't completed in time, which is why Axl was 'pressured' to tour anyway, in order to meet contractual obligations.

The 2006 tour is a similar issue - of course deals with stateside promoters are made on the basis of CD release; they can't sell an AFD revisited tour without calling it a reunion! They needed to bang the drum and tell everybody the album's coming in order to generate enough hype for the promoters to climb aboard while no tangible plan to release or even finish the album was at sight.

faldor wrote:

Axl has an entire different timeframe than any of us.

There are these interesting black spots in the GNR history which suggest Axl hibernates every now and then. 16

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

war wrote:

omg is an amazing song IMO. i had only heard it live til the other day when i caught the second half of that terrible terrible movie. it sounded polished by any other band's standards but not as produced as we all know axl aims for. i lean on it being unfinished in axl's eyes. i actually think it sounds more raw and heavy the way it is. if gnr keeps 'SR exclusive to the game and releases a  song like 'better to the radio and put the album out soon it would go over fine. what i find odd is that, out of all of the leaks, gnr releases the two most industrial sounding tracks that don't really fit the apparent direction of CD.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

Mikkamakka wrote:

About the 'rushed' OMG case... Except a few, but huge problems with the song (out-of-tone guitar playing etc.) it's the best rocker of all the Nu-GN'R songs. Period. But it wasn't rushed... Axl released original material last in 1991, so in 1999 nobody thought he didn't have a song ready for release, moreso that in 1996 he promised an album for 1997. People changed, but they were working on new material since early 1998, and for other people of the Universe almost two years in studio, with a lot of pre-Huge work seemed to be enough. The truth is that Axl was scared, he's still scared, cause it 'can't be Shaq at the free-throw line'. But since there is no guarantee for the ultimate success, he's still testing the waters and turns out fake explanations for the non-delivery. Anyway, after hearing like a dozen of leaks, nobody should expect anything earth-shattering. The best option is a good enough record if the final mixes are right.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

Scabbie wrote:

I'm starting to wander whether GNR were forbidden to talk about this in the press or fanbase until the game is released. Why the hell wouldn't you promote your first new song in 14yrs otherwise

If he's holding out in order to lay the blame on someone else if it doesn't work out then Axl is more of a pussy than I originally thought

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

Gunslinger wrote:

I'm not very impressed with SR, although it is better than some of the other leaks.  I still prefer the 06 batch of leaks to anything we have heard since.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

James wrote:

Yeah, we are awfully close to the game's release and not a peep from GNR.

Looks like those who said it was Oh My God all over again were right.

NY Giants82
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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

NY Giants82 wrote:

I tend to think that the band is not supposed to talk about it right now. I am sure that it is written in some contract. It was probably a big deal for Rock Band to get SR, so in return, GNR is probably supposed to stay quiet until the release.

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Re: "Chicken Dinner" Shackler's Revenge Leak

war wrote:

releasing a song on rock band is promotion.

promotion of an album comes before the release, ideally

if after rock band comes out and we hear nothing about the release then we should close the book on '08.

hell, we can say goodbye to cd forever at that point. they will have turned down another great oppurtunity to release a finished album and duff and slash are knock knock knocking on axl's door. haee haae haeehaee yeah.

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