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Re: you can't please everyone

Axlin16 wrote:

Great posts, especially the exhaustive analyizing by sic.

In a basic form, what sic is saying is completely right. Even with the CD tracks we've heard so far, Axl went with the 'epic' route with lots of Zeppelin-esque rockers, and Queen-like ballads. That's what GN'R was starting to become in 1991, and was further brought on with a 21st century flavor in the present with the CD tracks.

AFD represents NOTHING of the current band. Nothing. Personally only TWO tracks to me 'fit', and that's Jungle & City. Jungle just happens to be a track that transcends time, and City was actually in alot of ways the very first GN'R 'epic'. A very structured rocker at nearly 7 minutes long that would fit on UYI & CD also, with AFD.

The new band is awesome. But when I saw them in 2006, other than Jungle, City, the UYI tracks & the CD tracks, they seemed like a REALLY good COVER band doing AFD songs.

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