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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

CrimeSlunkScene wrote:

From what I know, he either took part in the writing or had a big influence on There Was a Time as well and that song is pretty different from Silkworms and If The World.

I remember reading a small interview with him from France in 2006 where he mentioned that among other things.

I was mainly being a smartass. I think "If the World" and "Silkworms" sound completely different. I didn't realize Pittman played such a big part in creating "There Was a Time", but that song also sounds different from the other two. He's obviously a pretty versatile guy.

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Re: First single is If The World? (theory)

sic. wrote:

Jackamo from the erstwhile Eat My Silk Worms always insisted that Ax and Pitman wrote a number of songs on acoustics (here), which in this case should probably be translated as beats and loops and some melodies which were then put into the Pro Tools melting pot.

But ITW always sounded a very Pitman-ish song to me. I recently saw a documentary on Jay Z, in which they discussed Can I Live from Reasonable Doubt. It had the Isaac Hayes track The Look of Love sampled in to create the underlying beat and the next time I got around listening to ITW, it really felt it was created in a similar fashion to Can I Live.

Knowing Pitman, I would not be surprised if the song would indeed be credited between him and Ax.

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