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Re: Izzy

BLS-Pride wrote:

Yeah golden boy Finck.. turned out to be fools gold on the the creative side.

Interesting. But I don't know if its anything related to GNR. HTGTH delete a lot of shit for different reasons so who knows.

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Re: Izzy

JordanRose wrote:

Come off it, people. "Izzy, please will you play on these songs written and recorded by ex-new members which are about what a bunch of cunts your friends Slash and Duff are." "Wicked, I'd love to! I've been waiting since 1991 to go on a mammoth, endless world tour, I fucking love that shit!"

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Re: Izzy

tejastech08 wrote:

Axl said in his '06 interview with Eddie Trunk that Izzy lives in L.A. I don't see why him moving his shit from his other house (wherever it may be...the OP never said where his brother lives) to his house in L.A should cause rumors of a reunion.

Bright Eyes 2005
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Re: Izzy

If Izzy would ever come back, I would imagine, a prerequisite would be the writing and recording of new material.  He's not going to go on tour and play Finck, Tobias, Fortus, and Thal's parts off Chinese Democracy.

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Re: Izzy

Axlin16 wrote:

What about Izzy on rhythm, with special appearences by Tobias for the CD songs?

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Re: Izzy

Brett wrote:

It's not that I hate reunion theories, but I hate how people often assume everyone's just going to come back and fall to Axl's feet again. It's been a decade for some bandmates, longer for others and they don't seem to be worrying about going back to GNR then, so why should we believe they're going to do it now?

Izzy's not going to come back to play other people's songs, if Slash comes back, does Axl sing some VR? Maybe Axl rocks some Izzy solo stuff? This is way complicated and no one's going to drop and imitate Buckethead if Axl isn't going to respect the projects they've done since their parting. In my mind, if a reunion were to happen they'd just play old tunes. No one's going to come back to please Axl, and Axl's pretty much fucked himself over too, he's probably more desperate than the rest of the guys. Izzy doesn't care, Slash, Matt and Duff only need a singer. Axl needs lead guitar and rhythm guitar, maybe a bass player at least. And, the old band don't seem like the types of dudes to bring in 400 other musicians and leave the stage while another musician plays their part. They want to come in, play hard and real, and get the fuck out. They're not going to be a part of a freak show.

Reunion talk - fine - but come on, display Axl's weaknesses too. Do people really think GNR is gonna reunite and tour with 10 guitar players?

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Re: Izzy

Axlin16 wrote:

Actually maybe GN'R could rock some VR stuff.

Duff on vocals? I'd dig it. Hell i'd rather had him than Scott to begin with.

Think about it, the exchange is Slash & Duff jam on the CD songs (of their choice), with Axl on vocals, then Axl goes and takes a piss break, and allows Duff to take the lead in certain spots for VR stuff. Makes logical sense.

The Eagles did it. They played their set of classic together, then allowed solo sections for Don, Glenn & Joe to do some of their biggest solo hits. The main difference is most of their work, could tie in with The Eagles hits.

GN'R is WAY off. The CD & VR material is a long ass way away from GNR's back catalog. It might would kill the flow of a set.

But actually, now that I think about that... I really like that idea.

Duff on lead with Slash for two VR songs.
Izzy on lead for two solo songs.
The rest is maybe 4 CD songs, and the rest is the back catalog.

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Re: Izzy

Sharky wrote:

Got an update from my brother.  He actually uses the same cleaning lady as Izzy, so he asked about him leaving.  It is fair to point out that my brother is about as cool as rainbow suspenders and doesn't give a rat's ass about GNR.   Hell, for two years he only occasionally mentioned how he had some "weirdo" musician neighbor.  It wasn't until I was up there for a week that I realized it was Izzy.  Anyway, he asked the cleaning woman if the "weirdo" was moving out and she said he was "going back to work with his old music group."

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Re: Izzy

supaplex wrote:

housemaids rule the gnr world in this era!

thanks for the info

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Re: Izzy

gnfnraxl wrote:

Meh!  I'll believe it when I see it.  Izzy coming back to GNR would be great.  Even better that if Slash came bcak.  Musically anyways.  A trio of Buckethead, Ron and Izzy on guitar would be fucking awesome!  Imagine the songs that would come out of those guys.  But this is just a fantasy.

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