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Re: Jesse Malin f. Fortus/Stinson

Will wrote:

Not really allowed to share these as they're official but another mod can remove them if they want 22

Jesse Malin - "Queen Of The Underworld"
From 'Fine Art Of Self Destruction' featuring Richard Fortus (lead guitar)
Download :

Jesse Malin - "Hotel Columbia
From 'The Heat' featuring Tommy Stinson (bass/bg vocals)
Download :

I dont have the album sleeve with me at the minute but I'm almost certain Fortus appears on "The Heat" too.

If you guys like those I'll upload the others once Ive confirmed which tracks Richards on 9 Josh Freese is on the album too I think, honestly cant remember.

Queen Of The Underworld, and the rest of "Fine Art Of Self Destruction" was produced by Ryan Adams. If you like depressing sad bastard lyrics you'll love it 14 I know I do haha

Re: Jesse Malin f. Fortus/Stinson

Sky Dog wrote:

Queen of the Underworld is a cool song....thanks.

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