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Re: Sickest cartoon of the year.

Aussie wrote:
A4L2.0 wrote:

Aye, and people often wonder about the effect violence on television has on young children. You would wonder why it was ever allowed to air in a children's time slot when so many kids would be watching, although the violence seemed to go over everyones heads as the majority that watched this when they were young don't recall it's graphic content. Just like I only caught on to the "Seamen Staines" and "Master Bates" from Captain Pugwash in recent years. 14 Besides, I was always a "Animals of Farthing Wood" kind of guy anyways. 16

Oh, and thanks man. 5

Ahh Captain Pugwash, I remember watching that.

I remember Master Bates and Seaman Staines but I've been told that there was also a character called "Roger the Cabin Boy" is that true or just urban legend?

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