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Re: In Flames

drborken wrote:

Does anyone else here like them? i've been listening to them loads lately, particularly the song Cloud Connected. I'd be interested to hear what other people think about them and that song in particular.

The way I see it, its about a guy who is going through a very difficult time. No matter what he tries, he always falls down and fails. But he begins to look around him at whats really happening, and he can see that it isnt always him whos failing, its other people failing him. Then because he can see that things are not always his fault, he realises that he can do incredible things even when the odds are against him. He can see that theres always something that can take you through the bad to get back to the good, and no matter how unexpected that thing is, its always there.

That meaning is pretty important to me, its helped me a lot recently cos ive been the one going through that tough time. I know a lot of people might not agree with my interpretation, thats why im interested, see what other people see in place of what i see.

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