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Re: Appetite For Destruction (Demos)

Will wrote:

I grabbed these ages ago and I can't remember where from or what board, apologies to the original poster for that smile

Anyway just reuploaded these for anyone that wants them. I've split it into two zip files of 60Mb each.

Part 1: (58Mb) :

Rocket Queen (Take 2).m4a
Think About You (Demo 1987).mp3
Mr. Brownstone.mp3
My Michelle.mp3
Nightrain [Alt. Intro].mp3
Out Ta Get Me.mp3
Welcome To The Jungle 1.mp3

Part 2: (65Mb) :

Paradise City.mp3
Rocket Queen.mp3
Sweet Child O Mine.mp3
Welcome to the Jungle.mp3

Enjoy cool

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