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Re: The Wrestling thread

-D- wrote:
Communist China wrote:

I don't know a lot about UFC but I have to expect Punk will get his ass kicked. Even a 1-0 fighter would have way more experience and training than he does. And Punk isn't a freak of nature athlete like Brock. Competing in MMA must be on Punk's bucket list because I don't see how this is a smart business move for him.

As for WWE, boy, did they get shown up by the developmental roster last week. If you have WWE Network, please do yourself a huge favor and watch NXT Takeover Revolution. It's 2 hours of pure wrestling joy. It's so much easier to sit through than a 3 hour show, plus there are no bad matches, a couple great ones, the women's division is treated seriously, there's better commentary, and a few guys are clearly going to be huge draws someday soon (Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens). Then there was TLC (& S) on Sunday. What a shit show. Ryback v Kane, Big Show v Rowan, the WWE Champion not on the show again... this is pay-per-view?! It's almost Wrestlemania season so maybe things will pick up soon but, man, right now NXT is a waaay better product. If WWE is cannibalizing their PPV revenue with the Network they should consider dropping some of these middling shows, or at least change the gimmick-themed ones that always seem to box them into creative corners. There's just too much of the main roster - RAW is too long, the roster is thin so Smackdown is mostly RAW rematchs and previews, and sometimes they only have 3 weeks between PPVs. It's exhausting. Leave me wanting more for once, WWE.

Absolutely. That NXT Revolution was amazing!

Re: The Wrestling thread

AtariLegend wrote:

You guys should check it out.

Communist China
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Re: The Wrestling thread

I saw that video - it got a lot of attention! Over a million views already. For the record sometimes I think wrestling *is* wrestling, but the video's hilarious and makes a great drunk history-style telling of Triple H's career.

What do you guys think will happen at Mania tomorrow? I'm hoping Brock retains the title, which would've been a laughable suggestion until he resigned with WWE this week. Now I think there's a chance.

Lastly, anyone here watch Lucha Underground? I don't have the channel its on, but a friend showed me this match and I was really, really impressed.

Re: The Wrestling thread

AtariLegend wrote:

Lesnar has to win. Any scenario where Reigns wins is terrible.

There's no way you beat Taker's streak at Wrestlemania for Lesnar to give the rub to someone who can't cut a promo and makes Cena look like Kurt Angle. There's not even a connection with the audience. fyi They edit crowd noises now and tone down cheers for wrestlers they're not pushing and take away crowd signs if there's too many for that person as well.

There's a possibility of Lesnar/Rock next year. I was a Rock fan too in the attitude era, but they can't build to Lesnar/Rock for a year ahead of time as well. That just kills all the intrigue.

If they try to turn Reigns into Cena, I'm checking out for a few years.

I'm not looking forward to this Wrestlemania, but I will watch it out of habit.

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Re: The Wrestling thread

misterID wrote:

Yeah, I haven't watched any WWE at all. Reigns being a main eventer at WM proves Punk made the right choice and was right.

CC, the channel is El Ray. It's on DirectTV for sure. There's also a wrestling show on Axis for Japan. That stuff is brutal. TNA is terrible. Just terrible. I wish Mark Cuban had bought it and reverted it back to NWA wrestling and signed some big names like Turner did in the day.

Re: The Wrestling thread

AtariLegend wrote:

Well time for my yearly incoherent Wrestlemania ramblings.

Brock Lesnar is fucking awesome, there's few things more exciting than watching Lesnar destroy people. Fantastic that he signed a new contract. I can understand why they put the title on Rollins, since they didn't want to have Lesnar only show up once every 4 months with it and not wrestle again till SummerSlam. There was no way they could have put the title on Reigns, the crowd wouldn't have accepted it.

The show itself wasn't bad, but I guess I've just watched too many throughout the years. Bryan had to win, but I wasn't impressed by the match. I guess you just end up numb to it if you've seen it all before, same with Rollins/Orton.

Taker/Wyatt worked a basic match too, Taker looked more healthy than he did last time we seen him, but the match was far from the classics/highlight of the show moments we're used too. I disagree with those who think Taker should end his career doing a losing streak gimmick now. Wyatt is in as a good position as anyone gets in the modern era, but he still jobed to Cena repeately last year. Now if he had beat Cena last year, I could see the argument for having Wyatt maybe win here. I probably wouldn't agree though.

Sting/HHH was bullshit. Why the fuck bring in Sting after years and have him job to HHH? The match was okay at the start, then around what seemed like the mid-point they turned it into a parody with the Kliq... Nash/Hall with Hogan (NWO) and Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn (DX).

The feud started off months ago as Sting vs. The Authority then they tried to it into WWE vs. WCW despite Sting basically saying in his promos that he's over WCW. The night before at the Hall of Fame they had done the umpteenth reunion between HHH's buddies, even if you had said the Hall of Fame isn't grounded in kafable, why show clips of it? HHH survived the Scorpion Deathlock for ages and still got out of it. He didn't even sell the move. The match ended with Sting getting hit by a sledgehammer, then HHH offering to shake his hands after he beat him, while being held up by the Kliq.

A hour or so later HHH was in the ring with Stephanie cutting a promo and laughing it off on the same show. Vince done a conference call yesterday and said that "We took someone from obscurity and developed that character and made it important," Vince said. He again said they took him from "obscurity to a main event of WrestleMania."

Re: The Wrestling thread

AtariLegend wrote:

This should have happened along time ago.

Wrestling legend Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka charged in girlfriend's 1983 death

Wrestling legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is being charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the death of his girlfriend more than 32 years ago in an assault at an Allentown area motel, Lehigh County authorities said.

The charges were announced at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Snuka, 72, was arrested Tuesday morning at his New Jersey home and arraigned at 1:50 p.m. from the Lehigh County Central Booking Center. He was sent to county jail under $100,000 bail.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin re-opened the case last year, prompted in part by a Morning Call investigation that raised questions about the death of Snuka's 23-year-old girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, in May 1983. The Call story revealed a never-before-seen autopsy report that labeled the case a homicide.

The grand jury's term ended at the end of July.

At the time of Argentino's death, Snuka was one of the World Wrestling Federation's biggest names, known for his high-flying finishing moves.

Reached Tuesday by phone, Argentino's sister Louise Argentino-Upham said it's a relief, especially since her mother turns 90 this year and may be able to see justice served.

"I think that it's been a long road," Argentino-Upham said. "They did the right thing in face of all the evidence."

Snuka had been at a WWF taping at the Allentown Fairgrounds on May 10, 1983, and returned to his Whitehall Township motel room to find Argentino, of Brooklyn, gasping for air and oozing yellow fluid from her mouth and nose, records show.

Argentino was pronounced dead at Lehigh Valley Hospital the next day. An autopsy determined she died of traumatic brain injuries and she suffered more than two dozen cuts and bruises — a possible sign of "mate abuse" — on her head, ear, chin, arms, hands, back, buttocks, legs and feet.

The autopsy also determined her injuries were consistent with being hit with a stationary object. In an autopsy report, forensic pathologist Isidore Mihalakis wrote the case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise.

Snuka originally told at least five people, including the responding police officer, he shoved Argentino earlier that day, causing her to fall and hit her head, according to police interviews obtained by The Morning Call. He later told police those five people misunderstood him, and said Argentino slipped and hit her head when they stopped along the highway to urinate.

Snuka was the only person of interest in the case but was never charged.

The original Whitehall police investigation went cold June 1, 1983, after a follow-up interview with Snuka that was ordered by Lehigh Valley authorities and attended by WWF mogul Vince McMahon.

In an unprecedented move, Martin announced in January 2014 that a grand jury would investigate Argentino's mysterious death, acknowledging the role of The Morning Call's story. He said it was the oldest case he's ever sent before the grand jury.

Snuka, who lives in Waterford Township, N.J., was diagnosed with stomach cancer, his wife announced earlier this month.

In 1985, the Argentino family won a $500,000 wrongful death case against Snuka by default, but Snuka never paid because he claimed he was broke and couldn't afford a legal defense.

In his 2012 autobiography, Snuka maintained his innocence and said Argentino's death ruined his life.

"Many terrible things have been written about me hurting Nancy and being responsible for her death, but they are not true," he wrote. "This has been very hard on me and very hard on my family. To this day, I get nasty notes and threats. It hurts. I never hit Nancy or threatened her."

However, less than four months before Argentino's death, Snuka was charged with assaulting her in a New York motel and then fighting with police when they responded to the call. He pleaded guilty to harassment in the case with most of the serious charges being dropped.

Source: … story.html

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Re: The Wrestling thread

PaSnow wrote:

Its amazing how the times have changed, and how old school things were as not too far back as 1983.  Seems plain as day to me that he probably did it, and the 'old boys network' just kinda played dumb & looked the other way, believing his excuses.

Geeeeez, that sucks.  I remember hearing this but always thought it was an urban legend type of thing.

So did McMahon sortof blacklist him as a result of this? Always seemed like he never came back into WWE circles the way other past members had.

Re: The Wrestling thread

AtariLegend wrote:
PaSnow wrote:

So did McMahon sortof blacklist him as a result of this? Always seemed like he never came back into WWE circles the way other past members had.

Nah they just pretended it never happened. Snucka's dive from the top of the cage in the 80's was shown on TV for years in various clips. He also showed up every once in awhile for a TV cameo and got inducted into the hall of fame. His last TV appearance was last year. This got brought up again in the media a few years ago when there was a sudden renewed interest in the case.

We'll see if he get's blacklisted now though. Hogan got fired recently again and blacklisted after a video of him making racist comments on a sex tape made the media rounds, surely this is worse?

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Re: The Wrestling thread

James wrote:

Yep that Snuka splash one of the iconic moments of 80s wrestling.  I agree this was decades overdue. Not WWF related but another murder that was swept under the rug was when Bruiser Brody was murdered in the locker room. I think someone might have been charged(dont remember) but we'll never get the full story on that.

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