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A Private Eye
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Re: Oasis Breakup

That’s Noel singing and playing guitar. Liam is the one sat doing nothing.

Much more in to Oasis than I was when this thread was first posted. With that said I never really got the fuss over Wonderwall. Wouldn’t even make it in my Oasis top 20.

Noels solo stuff has gone in a bit of weird direction but Liams new stuff is pretty good.

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Re: Oasis Breakup

PaSnow wrote:

Awww shoot, I always got their names mixed up. I was going to Google it too but I thought I had it right this time.  I knew he was the guitarist one.  Does a banging job on it.

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Re: Oasis Breakup

James wrote:

I need to give them another chance. I should download their discography and dive in. Always thought they were overrated douchebags... although I did like Champagne Supernova.

As you guys know, only Britpop I liked was Elastica. Echobelly had a few good songs.

I started listening to Blur a couple weeks ago. That was long overdue. Favorite song so far is Coffee and TV....which isn't even the lead singer.

Also finally gave Avril Lavigne a chance. Downloaded a hits compilation. It's a bit too juvenile but some of her stuff is catchy. Surprised I wasn't into this in my 20s.

Since I hate current pop culture and won't bother looking for any kernels of corn in the mountain of shit, I'm looking into the past and rediscovering artists/bands I ignored or simply haven't listened to in ages.

Some more I've been into....

Beach Boys - This was the biggest surprise. Never thought I'd be listening to them.

Til Tuesday - Essentially a two hit wonder and then broke up but holy shit did she have potential. Should've been bigger.

Hall and Oates - one of the soundtracks of childhood. I had forgot how many hits they really had.

Blondie - massively underrated.

Whitney Houston - So Emotional is such a jam. So is I'm Your Baby Tonight. With how the last 20 years of her life played out, you forget how big she really was and how it was just hit after hit.... until it wasn't.

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Re: Oasis Breakup

slashsfro wrote:

I don't know if it's Britpop, but I've been listening to the Cranberries and they're kind of catchy.  Helps that the lead singer has a unique voice.    I find Garbage also very catchy.  A while back I listened to Portishead' debut album a lot.  Perfect for a rainy day type.

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Re: Oasis Breakup

James wrote:

They're not considered Britpop.... although it was in that timeframe.

I like them too. I'll never forget hearing Zombie for the first time and being blown away. What a departure from the Linger/Dreams sound.

Portishead Third album is great. The song Threads is epic.

Other than their two big hits, never got into Garbage.

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