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Re: Short story about Axl Rose

Gagarin wrote:

Hey everyone,

I'm just stepping out on a limb, here, sort of.

YEARS ago some search results sent me to a short story on a website that was basically about a man running into Axl Rose at a bar. It was years removed from Axl's fame (this was before 2001), and the narrator couldn't quite remember who he was.

All of 'Axl' 's dialouge was taken from GNR songs. It was only until after Axl had left that the narrator put the pieces together.

Sort of cheesy/cliche, but damn, do I wanna read it again.

I can't find ANYTHING. It may have dissapeared from the Internet (it was on a 'blog' sort of site, of sorts, before there was 'blogger'. so it seemed to be static pages that could easily be lost.

But maybe one of you had seen this too, had saved it, WROTE it, or knows where to find it today.



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Re: Short story about Axl Rose

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Short story about Axl Rose

PaSnow wrote:

Yeah, never heard of it. At first I thought myb you were referring to the Rolling Stone 99 article, which is a good read. But didn't have the 'meeting in a bar & Axl only used GnR quotes' part.

Did it seem real, or more like a story "My sweet child to me welcome to the jungle, because I was estranged ever since my breakdown" ??

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Re: Short story about Axl Rose

DCK wrote:

I remember one story about some guy saying he met Axl at a bar/restaurant and they spoke about Chinese Democracy. However, the entire thing was a lie.

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