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Re: The GNR YouTube Thread

Will wrote:

If you know a cool video on YouTube simply copy the website address in the format shown below and it will put the video straight into this thread cool

[youtube]insert youtube url here[/youtube]

...a working example is shown below...



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Re: The GNR YouTube Thread

Tommie wrote:

Perfect Crime from Indiana 91...

Whenever I watch this show (thanks again DTJ), I always picture Axl just straight up swallowing an 8 ball of coke before going on stage.  16

Re: The GNR YouTube Thread

Sky Dog wrote:

Tommie...I was there and he was coked out of his mind. … re=related

This is the only Madagascar I can listen to......fresh out of the oven....nice and hot.:haha:

and Tommy kickin rhythm on the best version of this... … re=related

and I wish Steven Adler was back in the band....because he is better than this guy


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Re: The GNR YouTube Thread

Horrific wrote:

Locomotive with Jeff Beck in Paris. It's a sound check with the band from 1992 minus Axl.


Slash jamming at the Whisky.

Herat Break Hotel:

Demo video:


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