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Re: Alternate WTTJ Video

There are different room shots and in this version there is a close up shot of dead bodies and that is seen twice and also a blood splattered floor after the first shot of the bodies.   This is probably the first version of this video.

Re: Alternate WTTJ Video

AtariLegend wrote:

I never knew this existed, thanks for uploading. 22

Re: Alternate WTTJ Video

Neither did I until I was watching it and I was like huh I don't remember this but then I figured I'd hadn't seen it in a long time, then Aussie posted about it in the thread in TWAT on this show this came from and I was like...whoa someone else noticed what I noticed.  Then I compared the two.

I uploaded the whole show the other night so I figured I'd edit it to just the video for this.

You're welcome smile

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Re: Alternate WTTJ Video

Anything666 wrote:

Can you post a mirror? The link is dead.

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