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Re: Best of 2007

Gunslinger wrote:

Hard to believe but we are almost at the end of another year.  What was your favorite movie, cd release, sport event (etc) this year?

Here's mine:

Movie: Halloween - It's not that the movie was anywhere near as good as it should have been but Rob Zombie's remake did some things right and these things made Michael Myers a scary figure again, not some lame guy wearing a mask who spars with rappers.  16   This movie may fall to second by the weekend if I finally get to see The Mist.  This short story by Stephen King has always been one of my favorites and I have heard the movie does the novella justice.

Music: Megadeth's boxed set of rarities entitled Warchest.  This boxed set includes some of Megadeth's best stuff throughout their amazing career.  You have a buffet of their best songs to feast upon as well as some excellent sounding previously unreleased live tracks and demos.  Finally you get a dvd that really showcases what this band is like live.  The concert footage is at the end of the Countdown to Extinction tour and the band is at their best.  Holy Wars, Lucretia, Wake Up Dead, In My Darkest Hour, Peace Sells...they are all played live to perfection along with many other Megadeth staples.  GET THIS ONE but get it used on Amazon or Ebay and save a little cash.

Sports: Oddly enough I have to hand this one to the New England Patriots.  The reason being the great competition from the teams playing them.  Indy, the Eagles and now the Ravens have made for some of the best NFL games to date and there could still be a couple more left during regular season...who knows what awaits in the playoffs!

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Re: Best of 2007

PaSnow wrote:

For me:

Movie: Knocked up. I didn't see alot of movies but this one was really good. Funny, but with a good storyline too.

Music: Didn't buy much, so I shouldn't say.

Sports: Gotta agree with you on the Patriots, I hate to say it but it is pretty easy. Best individual performance though I'd give to LeBron James. He had a game in last years playoffs where he scored something like 28 straight points, and all of Clevelands points in OT. Something ridiculous like that.

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Re: Best of 2007

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Best of 2007

Neemo wrote:

Movie....hmm Prolly Harry Potter or Pirates of the Carribean for me, transformers was a letdown 17

Music....Libertad or Ozzy , both are stellar IMO, honorable mentions to Down and Megadeth

Sports....Pats, though the Detroit Redwings in hockey are doing fantastic still with the young guns stepping in 9

Books...High is the final Potter novel, low is my favorite author Robert Jordan. Passing away in sept sad and i'm psyched to get my hands on Slash's Book too....hopefully an XMAS gift smile

Video Games...the Wii and Mario Galaxy

Personal...the birth of my beautiful second daughter, and the start of a new fantastic Job

Internet, obviously GNRunleashed 21

Re: Best of 2007

It's been a terrible year for me, losing my dad and watching him suffern to the very end overides anything that was great this year.  verysad.gif

Sorry to be downer

carry on

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Re: Best of 2007

BLS-Pride wrote:

Year went by fast for me. A rough one but I survived.

Music: Down III: Over the Under
Movie: Knocked Up, Superbad, and a few others.
Sports: The Pats I guess.. Or Jaba Chamberlin respraking the Yankees. Also the hell of a season A-Rod had.

A Private Eye
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Re: Best of 2007

Well for movies I thought PotC and Die Hard 4 were pretty good, nothing extraordinary but enjoyable enough.

Music, erm, probably the GNR leaks, there's been some decent songs out this year but no band or artisit has really caught my attention greatly.

Sports, Leeds Rhinos won the Super League Grand Final in October despite being the underdogs for the game. We hammered St Helens when nobody gave us a chance, great feeling. Football has been pretty bad this year, Leeds got docked 15 points before the season even began although we are holding our own in the league now. England failing to qualify for Euro 2008 was also a big dissapointment.

Communist China
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Re: Best of 2007

Music: NiggyTardust and Zeitgeist
Movies: Die Hard 4 and Rush Hour 3. That's right, I think Rush Hour 3 was great and I think Bourne Ultimatum sucked.

Sports: Favorite little moment would be Cleveland knocking out the Yanks. But mostly I'm thankful to have a Sabres team that plays as well as it does. Playoffs is all I ask for.

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Re: Best of 2007

Backslash wrote:

Movie: Gone Baby Gone.  Yeah, in a year with Superbad and Shrek 3, I went with the tearjerker.  Of course, I haven't seen American Gangster yet, so that might change.

Music: I haven't really gotten much new music this year.  Goodbye Blue Monday by Jeremy Fisher, come to think of it.  I got to see him live this year, playing all the new stuff, which was great.  Everyone should check this guy out.  He's like a semi-upbeat Dylan, only obviously not as good.

Sports: My highlight was sort of Bittersweet.  Sitting in Don Cherry's Sports Grill watching the Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs on the last day of the season.  Montreal doped up and gave up a big lead, while Michael Ryder scored a hat trick.  I was surrounded by Leafs fans so it was a hard pill to swallow, especially since it knocked Montreal out of a playoff position and temporarily put the Leafs in 8th place.  That all changed the next day when the Islanders won a game in a shootout... backstopped by Wade Dubliewicz (who? Exactly).  Leaf nation was crushed that they were out of the playoffs too.  I laughed about it for weeks!

Personal: Highlight for this year was going to Fort McMurray on a work term in the oil sands for 4 months.  Met some awesome people and got a real job (in Calgary) when I'm done school.  Pretty sweet!

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Re: Best of 2007

Gunslinger wrote:
DoubleTalkingJive wrote:

It's been a terrible year for me, losing my dad and watching him suffern to the very end overides anything that was great this year. … erysad.gif

Sorry to be downer

carry on

I'm sorry you had a tough experience like this but things will get better and the good times with your dad far outweighed the bad, nothing can take those good memories away.  He (and those cherised memories) will always be with you...that stays.

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