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Re: Rock of Love exposed as a scam

Abbey_Road wrote:

She only looked decent on the reunion show.  All the other times, she looked way to hard/rough even for a guy like Bret Michaels.

Re: Rock of Love exposed as a scam

I liked her look at times on the show, I hated the 80's do but he seemed to dig that.

I see I have another fellow watcher of this show.   5

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Re: Rock of Love exposed as a scam

Robman wrote:

I watched the show, it was pretty stupid I have to admit. I don't think people watch "reality" TV for the reality, its just a form of entertainment. This show, and maybe some American Idol (which sucks, especially as of late) are all I watch as far as Reality TV goes.

MTV is the worst of the bunch though. Every show they have on is a reality TV show. I haven't seen a music video on there since June, and I even heard TRL was gonna get canceled (hell, that show only shows 10 second clips now anyway).
Vh1 isn't much better.

I actually think Bret was a bit of a scam as well. I read that he did not call Jes at all in the 6 months following the ending of filming. He called once to ask her to do the reunion, and a manager called to get Bret his hat back if I remember correctly. The whole show was bull shit, but like I said before, it was mildly entertaining, and something to watch while I was on the computer or playing my guitar.

F*ck Fear
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Re: Rock of Love exposed as a scam

F*ck Fear wrote:

I never even watched that shitty little show. Reality tv sucks balls.

NY Giants82
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Re: Rock of Love exposed as a scam

NY Giants82 wrote:

Reality tv isn't scripted???? wink

But back to thie chick, what a bitch man. Total bitch.

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