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Re: My dog has disappeared

Sorry for you.

Had she been dead long do you think ? :wtf:

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Re: My dog has disappeared

mariposa wrote:

I'm sorry LLL. sad How old is your kid? Can he handle it?
You're lucky you could get her body back... So many of my cats disappeared before and in most cases I didn't even have a chance to know what had happened to them sad I have two of them now, and the eldest one ran away on two occasions and got me worried for hours. They're like kids to me and if something happened to them, I'd go nuts (even if they drive me nuts when they scratch my sofa...  those little bastards!!!).

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Re: My dog has disappeared

Thank you for your kindness everyone.  I pretty much knew she was dead when she didn't come back after a couple hours, that was not like her.  I feel so much better for burying her, I hated the thought of her lying out there somewhere.  I am certain she was killed outright so at least she wasn't struggling around wounded.

My son is only two and he has not mentioned her so far which is lucky.  We've been careful not to say her name in front of him because I think then he might suddenly realise he hasn't seen her for a few days and start asking for her and he is too young to understand.

I still have her mother and her brother as well as my terrier but she's left a big gap. sad

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