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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

I loved the Van Halen thread in the Black Hole section because I was able to share my opinions with you and a bunch of cool guys on one of my favorite bands. It helped me get excited for the album and tour. Haven't felt that great about a band in quite awhile. Sharing my story about the concert and hearing everyone else's feedback was a joy. The other sections are great because it talks about shows (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story) and movies that I am currently watching and want to express my thoughts with others.

When I first heard about this site, I was just chilling around the internet and I owned Chinese Democracy for a good number of months and wanted to learn some of the information on why the hell it took 15 years for it to come about. What is just Axl's perfectionism, certain money issues or anyone involved in the other recording sessions?

I looked around, googling shit, and then it directed me to a tid bit called Chinese Whispers and I was quite intrigued. Eventually I came across this site and over the next few months I would constantly go to this site and see the opinions on what you guys posted and if any new information about music or touring showed up. Eventually I decided I couldn't stand here and just look, so I wanted to join in on the festivities.

As for the Guns N' Roses section it is spot on. Everyone has a broad view point on the current affairs. I just wish some of the users would cut down on the calling out and arguments within their opinions of particular band members, management, or just Axl in general. Can we give peace a chance? The man is quite flawed; but in the end he tries to put on a good show to entertain the public despite the constant frustrations putting up with some of the actions of the people he has managing the show (Fernando!!!!).

I think when DJ announced he was writing and sending some songs and concepts to Axl, I was overly excited. I was hoping this guy and the current lineup could steer this band in the right direction. I got to make some new friends and acquaintances on here and I appreciate it. I'm sure new music will come around sooner or later and I will be one of the first people in line to purchase it.

I got to get better impressions on all the past and present alumni and see their side of the story and got to get in touch with different types of music. Tried out some new bands due to you guys posting some cool stuff on some of the threads. Got to expand my horizons.

As for moving forward and seeing how it goes from here, I do hope some better news pops up that all walks of life that come on here can enjoy and discuss. Whenever GNR or another band comes around a familiar area, we should find a way to have a forum meet up and chill before the show and have a laugh.

Like you Russ, I don't mind another tour if they do shows around areas I can get to with friends. I would just like them to dig through some of the catalog more and the band would do more song selection polls like they did on their facebook page one time. Basically I would love to see this band succeed and not be harassed by die hards of the old lineup. I can relate to everyone's frustrations though.

I hope to stay on this forum for quite awhile and hope to add to the discussions and think of ways to expand the forum by adding new topics when I can think of some. Take care you guys! big_smile

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

buzzsaw wrote:

I think things will work themselves out.  I don't think we have to do anything.  Things will evolve how we as a group want them to evolve.  If we are more interested in another subject, that subject will blossom.  If we're tired of discussing the same things with each other, the board will slowly fade away.  My bigger question (and I don't know the answer) is how long will it financially make sense to keep the board open?  I assume it isn't free (though maybe I'm wrong).

I've been calling doom for years, yet the band is still out there playing for enough fans to keep things going (in terms of touring at least).  At some point there will be something else to discuss.  Personally I'm not going anywhere until my doom prophasy comes true or I get kicked out (for being a dick or the place closes).  I may post less or drop off for a short period of time if I don't feel like discussing anything, but things like the fantasy football league will keep me around forever.

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

misterID wrote:

Agree with Buzz. We've gone through dark periods with this band, where we lost MANY great posters, and this phase seriously isn't anywhere close to that. This is the longest they've consistently been on the road. I think we take that for granted. Touring just isn't as big as it once was because it used to be so sporadic.

Something else will come up. Maybe this is sort of a cabin fever making people go crazy. I don't mean this in the way it's going to come out, but using the ignore button has actually really helped, I needed a break from some nonsense.

I think the state of things makes people antsy and annoyed and makes things you could otherwise let roll off your back get to you. I'm as gulity as anyone for being petty and bitchy. And again, that happens. I've been a member of this weird ass community along with Sky Dog for ten years. TEN YEARS!!!!

Not going to point any fingers or anything, but things are getting way too personal and putting on my whatever you want to call it colored glasses has helped. There are some things that pisses me off, but I think if a universal understanding is made (ahem, D, ahem, SG, who I know are good guys but will instigate shit, ahem) it'll get better. smile

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

DCK wrote:

2003-2004-2005 - darkest and most quiet period in GNR history. Nothing can be worse than those years.

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

otto wrote:

Altough I've been registered later on, I've been a reader of this forum for quite some time now.

The main problem, recently, is that a lot of users are really upset about the combo Hall of Fame + No Visible Future with Current GN'R.

The Hall of Fame exploded any reunion expectation and some people seem to have a tough time accepting it, so ANYTHING that happens is debated with anger and debauchery. It's kinda annoying, really. People bitch cause Axl is late. He then decides to start the show earlier, gives a reason to it and people bitch about it.

Everything from a live stream to Izzy to merch to official photos or official site get that same treatment.

I reckon there are a lot of things going another way than I expected with GN'R (I want new music) but it's a functional band nowadays and compared to 2003~2005 it's much better.

We're used to have show and tour cancelations. The only things that get canceled these days are streamings.

We're getting official photos being released constantly on the official site, new merch, constant tours, everyone that witnessed a concert goes out amazed. Even the ones that are always bitching on the boards.

No reunion will happen. If that's what you want, perhaps you should follow another band or, at least, TRY to enjoy what we have instead of dwelling on what we don't and, probably, won't.

If we have the same situation we have today but with new music, I'm sure it'll be a whole different scenario. I think that's what's frustrating people the most. They don't get a reunion and Axl doesn't deliver new music.

It all get's explained by this in my opinion.

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

jonesy wrote:

I came by when it was roses of velvet, and have read pretty much every thread since then.

I first dropped by, way back when, because this was the best place for honest news, views and opinions on GnR, without censorship, and without nonsense trolling users (mygnr, etc).

I am a mega lurker, I find it difficult to get enough time (have wife and toddler) to read through the threads as they are, let alone contribute much or debate with you guys. Maybe in that sense my opinion is worth less, and that's understandable.

Even though GnR are doing stuff, there is little passion, mystery, anticipation anymore for me.  Yet I still come here and read daily.  So to me there is value in the GnR section, still. I'm fascinated by what Axl does (for better or worse), and will continue to take an interest and want to know what's going on.

I drop by the snakepit and twat sections from time to time and thats about it.

I think buzz is right, things will work out and evolve in its own way. You never know, new music may light fire under everyone's ass again one day.

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

-D- wrote:

Personally, Guns are the gift that keeps on giving. I'm sure we will have something to always discuss.

here lately i have noticed the tone of the forum going to shit a bit. I love intelligent, good clean debate. I hate name calling, flaming etc etc etc.

I see that a lot here lately and I don't like it. just kills the flow of threads cause the threads turn into cyber dick measuring contests.

I think this forum is  even enough where one group cannot turn the tone of the forum one way or the other. it will never be PRO Axl A la HTGTH, but it will never be a shit on Axl fest like MyGNR etc.

we are perfectly in the middle. sometimes it may sway a bit to one or the other but never consistently stays that way.

Good news for us fans, Axl cannot keep living and doing this same shit for much longer. he will have to do something new. 4th year of CD is coming up, and with the chemistry and band he FINALLY has, even he isn't dumb enough to waste it.

Axl getting CD off his back relieved all the pressure. now he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. he is the underdog once again.

thing with Axl is, he HAS TO REMEMBER HE IS AXL FUCKING ROSE and not Freddie mercury or Elton John or Trent Reznor or whoever the fuck.

Axl reminds me of the fucking Gunslinger novels by Stephen King. He has forgotten the face of his father.

Smoking Guns
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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

Smoking Guns wrote:

I love this place and everyone here.

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Re: State of GNRevolution (PLEASE READ, discuss)

monkeychow wrote:

I love this board and the community.

I really enjoy the opinions of everyone here cos it's usually pretty intelligent discussion...even when people get can make for quite interesting  exchanges....Bono and MisterID for example...or anyone and Buzz wink I'd like to think that we can poke fun at each other occasionally and there's no real bad blood...but I could be optimistic there smile

I think the divisions on the board are extra obvious at the moment because all the factions are active. You have Myles and Slash doing a gig in NY and days later Axl playing with Izzy. It makes it more likely for us to get on each other's nerves as what we say in one thread spills over into people's expectations of what we'll say in another.

Thankfully at the moment it's a relatively active time, compared to say 2002, but I do agree the lack of 'forward movment' is depressing and risks alienating people. Although as butt hurt as I am in that izzy thread...I love GNR way too deeply to give up!

I actually enjoy this community in the off topic areas a lot too though. It's a good collection of people. I've seen movies and bought albums based on recommendations from you guys. Also even stuff like news articles you've posted and shared with other friends. I'm hopeful that if something horrible ever happened like Axl and Slash die or something - that we could expand those other areas and all remain as a type of internet community.

Then again it's difficult to transition that type of thing. As we all have GNR in common...and GNR is a diverse band...people like it for different reasons. So if you came to GNR for the guitars I might be able to get you to listen to megadeth..not so much if you came to it because it was like queen...

Anyways...I'm sorry if I've upset anyone of late....and I'd be interested in what these users say about anything, including non-gnr things, but at the same time, I don't think we should too drasticly change the board as there's still stuff going on with the GNR side projects (Slash)...and so it's not like we've had nothing to talk about.

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