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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

buzzsaw wrote:

When I heard him singing Dead or Alive on the promos, I knew this wasn't going to be good.  It was better than I expected, but he takes hitting the notes with no feel to a new level.

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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

Bono wrote:

It's a musical so honestly what do people expect. People keep saying it looks terrible, well let's be honest, it's looks ten million times better than Moulan Rouge, Mama Mia, Chicago, Grease, etc etc etc. As far as musicals go this one actually has some subject matter we can appreciate. Rock music, sex, drugs n rock n' roll and even a decent soundtrack. I have no intentions of seeing it myself but if some hot date wanted to I wouldn't fight it to the death and to be honest it does NOT look like the worst thing ever put on film Far from it.

I thought the PC over was alright. Music sounded good and vocally Cruise was decent

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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

metallex78 wrote:

Yeah, instrumentally, that was pretty damn good, vocally Tom Cruise surprised me. Not great, but pretty good.

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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

misterID wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

Maybe Myles isn't so bad afterall...

I'd actually take this over Myles. I got through the whole song, I can't say that about Myles. 16

In all seriousness, had he have been a rock singer in the 80's with that voice, he would have been a star. That's not saying so much about his voice, just that whole period in music itself.

The high notes and "screams" were actually pretty good. Total glam metal

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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

Axl4Life wrote:

This whole "Rock of Ages" thing is like Glee on steroids...

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Re: Tom Cruise sings Paradise City

tejastech08 wrote:
russtcb wrote:

Everything about this movie looks, sounds, feels A W F U L

I disagree. I think it looks like a glorious cheesefest. 16

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