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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Mikkamakka wrote:

My all time favourite GN'R singer is Sebastian Bach. Shannon Hoon is a close second, then Izzy and Duff. Axl... never liked his style. I think any Black Sheep or Roadcrew singer would have done better. wink

Well, it's a paralel HTGTH world, but I still can't get how the LEAD GUITARIST OF GUNS N' ROSES can be this underrated among the band's fans. I can't get used to the Izzy myth either, but idolizing someone who has done jack shit in the band compared to him (anyone in the post-Slash era) is...insane. Sorry.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

WARose wrote:

just saw this on mygnr 16


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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Rex wrote:


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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Bono wrote:
Ron wrote:

Not my problem. I make my own videos for my own music. tell GNR management.

Ron wrote:

FUCK GNR. I'm on vacation, my concern is my family & my health, I don't fucking care & don't want to hear anyone's complaints about Axl's Band.

16 I don't care what anyone says and I dont care what politically correct answer the guys in the band give but those guys must HATE how this thing works. They love the pay check but as musicians and artists  they've got to fucking hate it and know what a damn joke it is.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Gibbo wrote:
WARose wrote:

Is this for real ?

Re: "Better" Video Discussion

johndivney wrote:

ron "mr grumpy" thal

fuck bumblefoot.
gnr 4evr.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

monkeychow wrote:

I can see Bumble's POV.

It's not up to him to make a video or not - he has no control. Plus the fan was kinda pushing it going on about how a video "needs" to be made - frankly they'd be better to focus on a follow up album I'd have thought - not like a video will give a sales bump this late from release.

Meanwhile the dude has pain issues and has to apologise for stuff that's out of his control like 24/7 - I'd get over it too.

That said...does seem like bumble's been unhappy for a long while - add this into those tweets about his integrity a while back or whatever that was and you do wonder how much longer he'll stick it out.

Can't really blame him though. Physical pain and a band that doesn't let him contribute creatively...and whose fan base hates most things it to get old.

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Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Scabbie wrote:

At this rate Slash is going to seem like Mr Nice Guy

Re: "Better" Video Discussion

Sky Dog wrote:

That is funny as hell....good for him.

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