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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

monkeychow wrote:

I know i've been the apologist of late.

But I'm not sure any of us can understand the kind of pressure that the level of attention and fame that Axl had circa 1991.

He's not the first to be driven by this to hyper analysis of his own looks.

In a way i think the sickness is as much as our society as it is in the individual going under the knife.

Steven Tyler - was thin, could still sing amazingly, energetic on stage (trapeze etc) - yet for some reason had work done - I guess just because no matter how much you still have it live - it's just unacceptable in music to be getting old.

Megan Fox - got a role in a major hollywood film pretty much entirely on her looks, became the wet dream of most internet geek fan boys, becomes the girl who is always voted towards the top of people magazine type sex appeal polls. But it's not enough...hacks herself up.

I see Axl's work in the same context. He'd been the biggest star in the rock world. Went into hiding. Got a little older - and I guess he was just worried about coming back. Or maybe the same kind of analysis that makes the guitar parts get re-recorded was directed at what his teeth look like in the mirror.

I dunno - seemed unnecessary to me as he looked fine - but then I don't know what it's like to be Axl....maybe it was necessary when you deal with his life.

As for these days. I'm down with my starts getting a little older. am is is everyone....fuck what he looks like...I say pull the trigger on some cool new music  and direct the conversation back onto how badass you are.

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

Bono wrote:

I get that but let's be real. Axl Rose isn't Britney Spears. His career has never been based on his looks. I understand the pressure to look good, I don't understand the pressures to hack your face up. Especially when aging as a male in a  rock band isn't unnacceptable. Maybe aging as a pop princess is but not a guy in a rock band.

Megan Fox is a great example Monkey.  She was pretty before now she looks fake. I think recently the best example is Lindsay Lohan. She was a very pretty girl in her Mean Girls days in my opinion. She looked like a girl next door. Then she got all cracked out or something but that isn't why she looks weird now. She ruined her face with plastic surgery. What the fuck for she looked fine.

I think it's sad. I don't get it. I just don't. Esecially when you look at how bad it looks as these people age. Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example in my opinion of a  female allowing herself to age naturally. That or she has a phenomenal plastc surgeon. But you can tell she's aged but she looks natural and it looks good. Courtney Cox on the other hand looks plastic.

I also like the fact that someone like Kate Hudson has never had a boob job.

Anyways plastic surgery for vanity sake is the weirdest thing in my opinion. Nothing like fucking yourself right up for no good reason. 

getting way off topic here but whatever. the biggest news in months is that Axl was at a party. Holy fucking shit haha.

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

Intercourse wrote:

I'm waiting for the Axlamic Defenders to jump in here calling you all fags for pointing at their man's looks. Personally I'd update how both Slash & Axl present themselves.

Axl looks like he has high blood pressure and a drink problem, he has bigger jowls than my tomcat!

Note to Axl, get Duff to train that bloat off of you and like Axlin said, stay true to your roots; return to faded jeans, old boots, a black shirt and a small amount of jewelery....and ehh viola a mature Rock God.

With Slash I'd get him to "grow up" his look a bit.. its been "teen rocker" at times and he's bulked up in recent years to the point where drainpipe jeans make him look small and fat,.

Despite what people say, this shit IS important. Many of us older male fans still want our idols to be men we can point at and say "that fucker has style".

This is how old rockers should do it...

We live in a visual world...

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

apex-twin wrote:

I must admit, Matt Sorum looks increasingly good for his years...

Now there's a goal for each of us.

Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

johndivney wrote:

yea normally i'd say it's doesn't bother me or that it's not that important. but he does look plump (to put it politely), old & botox'd to fuck. it is depressing. another example of how insecure he is. sad.

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

monkeychow wrote:

What is odd about plastic work to me is that I genuinely think it looks worse than you'd look if you just got old and withered in the natural least then you just looked aged.....but what happens with these people is it starts to look kind of unnatural looking which sets off the "uncanny valley" in the's like looking at CGI animated people...there's something just not quite right about it.

I also think the same about implants on girls and stuff like that....any benefit is removed by the "doesn't look human" effect.

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

misterID wrote:

So, did a song ever leak?? 16

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

Neemo wrote:

put me in the category of i dont care...honestly he can dress however he wants...if it include a scarf, cane and fumanchu then so what, if he can rock it then more power to him

he's more stylin than me, and partying at the hottest ticket in

i just cant be bothered to care about some other dude's looks thats all 16

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

apex-twin wrote:

The comedy comes to play when reading this thread next to the one at HTGTH.

It's all in the eye of the beholder 16

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Re: Axl at the Golden Globes afterparty

AtomsNest wrote:

I never EVER imagined that Axl Rose would get plastic surgery, it blows my mind.

Me_Wise_Magic wrote:

I wasn't aware he had anything done to him until I started looking into some of the later shows on youtube and I noticed that wasn't just him getting older. Did he get surgery back in '00 or something? Especially when you look at that mugshot from '98 and then fast forward a few years. Looks like a completely different person. I do lose a ton of respect for people that do that shit to themselves unless it's needed to cover up a serious injury done to the part of the body. For alot of celebs, it becomes an addiction.

He got a facelift, his eye-shape has changed, it's wider, which is a sign. He probably does other treatments as well, like botox and chemical peels. It makes me think of the verse in What Do You Want To Be

And ya ain't been out in days
Will the sunshine burn your face
Preserve your precious skin
I'll go out, you stay in

He clearly has a complex about his skin.

I haven't lost respect for him though - I stopped seeing him as an heroic badass figure, a long long time ago. It's more sad than anything else. It's an indication of his self-esteem and head-space being very low, and I wouldn't wish that kind of insecurity on anyone. It can eat you up. Spending all that time in hiding probably didn't help, so it's good to see him out and about.

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