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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

slcpunk wrote:

I was texting a long time GnR pal today. This guy was a bigger nut than I was back in '06. He probably saw at least a dozen shows across the country for that tour, including every single show in NYC, and Florida. An old school fan who grew up with GnR just like I did, and embraced the "new" band immediately.

I mentioned the possible reunion and that was his response-he's really not too excited. It's hard to argue with that sentiment. Yes it would be amazing to see the old guys get up there and play. But haven't we already had a nostalgia tour for nearly 15 years already? Heavy rotation of the hits, with CD thrown in for good measure. How much more different will this really be?

I'm in the same camp: New music is paramount, while touring is secondary. I've seen the original band back in the 90s, and the new band played better IMO. Tighter, and on point (except DJ, fuck that guy.) I'm sure they'll all be sober this time around, and more cohesive as a live act, but ultimately a cash grab is much more beneficial to band members than fans.

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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

buzzsaw wrote:

A cash grab benefits me, so I am fine with it.  New music would be great, but when I go to see Paul McCartney at 72 or whatever he is, it's not to hear his newest album.

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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

misterID wrote:

Eh, I would be happy with seeing those guys on stage together again.

I'm sure there is stuff they can wok on, but the tour is where the action is. Maybe a couple of new songs on a best of... I don't think new music would be a top priority.

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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

polluxlm wrote:

I might see a tour if it's close to where I live. Not a big deal either way.

As long as I feel Axl has something to give creatively I want new music. The day I lose that faith is probably the day I will become just a casual Guns fan.

A Private Eye
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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

They're still young enough. New music from a reunited lineup is entirely possible in theory. There's several massive if's and maybe's and we all know what they are but if the chemistry's still there who knows?

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Re: "If there is no new music, why even bother?"

bigbri wrote:

Why is new music paramount for me?

Because, face it, these tickets for a reunion are going to be hundreds apiece for good ones. I can't afford that and probably wouldn't be willing to shell that out anyhow.

I saw the 1992 and 2002 shows. That'll do it for me.

So, give me something new. Although, new boots would be nice too.

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