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Re: Happy New Year

BLS-Pride wrote:

Happy new year to all here. First new years I am home in years. Caught a bug from my lady and well she got her wish of a quiet evening.  But hopefully some of you are out drinking til it goes black and telling everyone 3 times about gnr getting back together 16

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Re: Happy New Year

supaplex wrote:

Happy new year!
Looks to be a great one for us gunners 5 3

Re: Happy New Year

johndivney wrote:

Only 3 times? They should be so lucky!
Half the reason I go out these days is to talk about the reunion!

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Re: Happy New Year

PaSnow wrote:

At 43, my drinking days on NYE are well past me.  And I'm happier for it.  No more worrying about what to do/where to go/who's going..... and also I get to wake up New Years Day & truly comming to my resolutions, not spend the day hungover.  I stay in & watch a big movie from the past year.

That said, have a good new years everyone!!

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Re: Happy New Year

I only had a few drinks on New Years Eve at a friend's house after I got off work. Just played a few games, listened to music, and had some laughs. Had to deal with some of their douchebag room mates. Eat some food with my friend at my parent's house before I went over there. They bought a bunch of salsas, cheeses, and oven baked foods. Hoping 2016 goes much better. I enjoyed alot of 2015; but there were some bad notes that I would like to forget about. Trying to save up some money to pay off college loans, a convention, and any additional expenses. Happy New Year to my friends and any newcomers at this forum!! Take care and stay safe out there.

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