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Re: rapport...backstage

petertohen wrote:

I just wanted to start a topic regarding their on-stage chemistry to this point. I viewed some of the videos...wasn't sure what to make of it just yet. I am wondering if anyone has been zoning in on how they are interacting with each other on/off the stage...
Looks pretty luke warm to me TBO...what you guys seeing?

A Private Eye
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Re: rapport...backstage

Seem to be getting on ok here.

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Re: rapport...backstage

apex-twin wrote:

"...made out with her and she passed out..."

Axl's story 16

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Re: rapport...backstage

dalethirsty wrote:

pretty damn cool picture here.... crazy how far we've come.

axl 21



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Re: rapport...backstage

Imagine showing that picture to a GN'R fan circa 2005. Would've blown their damn mind.

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