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Re: How I Would Have Done Star Wars Episode VIII (Spoilers)

Neemo wrote:

U need to watch the Anakin related episodes of the clone wars cartoon...puts his state of mind during ROTS into context

The cartoon presents his turn to the DS as a much more gradual process than the movies had room for

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Re: How I Would Have Done Star Wars Episode VIII (Spoilers)

misterID wrote:
monkeychow wrote:

I'm going to give ROTS another watch based on how many people here seem to like it.

Admittedly it's been a while, I was a huge starwars fan growing up, but I found the prequels really hard to get into.

If you can get past the bad acting and dialogue it's the greatest B Movie SciFi epic ever. Had Lucas turned over screenwriting duties to someone else and focused on direction it would have been a lot better. Harrison Ford has said Lucas hates directing actors and has no patience to bring bout a strong performance. He just wants them to read his words and get on with it. It showed in the prequels.

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