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Smoking Guns
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Re: God damn, how great is Estranged!!!

Smoking Guns wrote:
metallex78 wrote:

Haven't listened to it in a while and tonight I put it on, and fuck me, it's still such a powerful epic song. Slash's awesome solos and Axl's melancholy, yet inspiring, lyrics still move me like no other song has.

God damn, Axl and Slash, get on the phone to each other and get your shit together so we can be blessed to hear this live one more time!

Glad they got on the phone, Mate. Now need to make some music.

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Re: God damn, how great is Estranged!!!

metallex78 wrote:

Ah man, when I started this thread, I had no idea if we’d ever get to hear this again with Axl and Slash in stage together.

For all the bitching about setlists and what they should or shouldn’t be playing, I’m so glad that we get to hear it again with a Slash playing those beautiful guitar melodies

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Re: God damn, how great is Estranged!!!

ClaudeF wrote:

One of the first pieces of GNR memorabilia I ever found was a promo CD with edits of "Estranged" and really weird, rubber-stamped titles on the disc. I half thought it was home-made but have since confirmed it is real.

The edited versions actually heighten the drama of the song. They remove some passages that repeat musical or lyrical ideas heard earlier in the track, leaving a streamlined arrangement. Whereas some of the Appetite-era edits gutted songs, in this case, the cuts make sense. I actually prefer them to the album version.

One time, when the band began playing "Estranged," a bunch of us in the pit waved inflatable toy dolphins at the band. Bumblefoot laughed his ass off. I never could tell if Axl noticed us or not!

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