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Re: By The Sword Official Video

Sky Dog wrote:

I figured it out. He was talking or thinking about Slash on the street in the Estranged video...during his solo with the dolphins going by. Man, that video did suck.

I am over it, but on the surface..Axl-Dolphins-Street of Dreams. The Axl/Slash thing has gotten to all our subconscious'. 16

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Re: By The Sword Official Video

TheMole wrote:

Excellent vid, now if there only was a TV channel this could be shown on huh...
LOVE the steampunk top hat by the way!

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Re: By The Sword Official Video

Neemo wrote:
Aussie wrote:

I think the vid is actually pretty cool.

gotta agree...but whats with the horn mic thingy 16 hey monkey did he use that fucking thing @ the MTV launch?

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Re: By The Sword Official Video

Right, this is bugging me – I remember someone mentioning that the riff from By The Sword was lifted by Slash from an advert he did. There was a video of it. Anyone know what I'm talking about, and/or can point me in the right direction?

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