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Re: New Brain interview

esoterica wrote:

Absolutely nuts.

Ok, maybe not dog shit porn booth nuts but he definitely paints in a couple new shades of dysfunction.

Namely that Goldstein was pushed out as Merck came in around Leeds 2002.

- Reiterates Axl has "a couple albums" in the can
- Says MTV kind of stashed away the band from everyone which is partially why the gig was rough / the levels were off
- Brain gives off a real don't give-a-fucksy vibe about the whole thing (Guns/CD saga)
- Kinda shrugged off the Guns gig, let Frank take it over, partially because he had a kid and was tired of touring
- Doesn't like doing just one thing
- Melissa and Brain no longer an item
- Hasn't talked to Axl since House of Blues show (2012)
- Hears updates about GNR through Melissa

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Re: New Brain interview

ClaudeF wrote:

Thanks for sharing. It is disheartening to realize that Axl really was so removed form the rest of the band.

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Re: New Brain interview

apex-twin wrote:

That's a very informed Guns section from 1h20mins on.

First bit. Brain confirms he & Bucket met Dan Monti at the Village Studios. Monti was an in-house engineer assigned work with to Guns. He co-wrote Nottingham Lace, btw.

Another minor bit. Caram & Eric, the last men standing in 2008, were already in the studio with Beavan.

The big bit.

Brain keeps referring to the 2006 tour. He describes it as a 'stressful period' for everybody in the band, every being in their own bubbles.

(He came back, with a hefty retainer to a blitzkrieg auditioning of Bucket replacements. Richard & Robin had learned to manage it by themselves. Axl wanted a 3rd gtr without telling them, as per usual.)

Ron didn't make much of an impression on Brain, as he was just focusing on his own thing.

(Ron walked in about a week before the first Hammerstein show. He felt shunned by the band. Brain's side of the story suggests the others were just blasé due to all the insecurity.)

The London show at Hammersmith Apollo was three hours late. They were stressed out. Brian May was supposed to play with them.

(AFAIK, he didn't. As I recall, May addressed this on his website. He had his Red Special with him, ready to roll. Only he did not get a soundcheck. That's how chaotic it was.)

By the time Ron signed, Brain had decided he would leave the band. The delays in show starts and tensions were probably much like in 2002. His paternity leave was met by an about-face band. 

(Axl went drinking with Frank a few times on tour. Guess he won the boss over, as they wanted to extend Frank's stay. Brain was originally due back in two weeks.)

Brain did come back for a handful of California shows in the autumn. By then, he seemed to agree with everybody that it was Frank's gig.

Brain underlines that the environmental stress wore him out eventually. Axl was cool as such.

And Brain has forgotten Guns played a show on 01/01/01. Vegas to Vegas, the 14-year CD tour 16

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