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Re: The Star Wars Thread *NO SPOILERS ALLOWED!*

Aussie wrote:

I waited until I could steal Solo for free online, no way the Mouse was getting more of my money after that turd TLJ.  I was expecting the worse but it was actually ok for a bit of light fun.  Nothing ground breaking, but still watchable.

I had to let go of the stupidity of Lando being pansexual and a few other obvious SJW themes, but it wasn't quite as bad as the early indicators were suggesting it could be.

I still hold out hope for the trilogy from the GOT writers if that gets the go ahead.  Although it would require Disney to give them some autonomy and allow them to make it a bit less family friendly and grittier.

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Re: The Star Wars Thread *NO SPOILERS ALLOWED!*

ClaudeF wrote:

I loved "Star Wars" and "Empire" because they came out when I was a kid and showed me things I'd never seen or imagined before. "Jedi" came as a letdown in comparison but in reflection the non-Jabba and non-Ewok portions were good.

These latest films have felt like retreads of characters and scenes we've seen before, only less interesting. I've given up on them after "Last Jedi." What they did to Luke, turning him into this weird, bitter loner when he'd redeemed his dad in "Jedi" felt so false. I didn't see "Solo" and will be skipping whatever else comes out in the future. I have the DVDs of the classic and good memories.

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